Aesthetics! White tires on black or silver rims?

I don’t think ive ever seen white tires on black rims, but im thinking it would look pretty boss.

black or silver, they will be cxp22s (with a machined sidewall because i think thats how they all come.)

they will be going on a green wannabe-vintage ss townie bike. (brooks, nitto promenade bars, racks. . .almost like something from velo orange, but on the cheap.)

so, white on black, or white on silver?

(bonus if you can show me a bike that has white tires on black rims)


what colors are the rest of your components? what color is your bike?

i’m closing the fucking board


haha! At least he warned first? Kind of like a NSFW tag?

i haz whyt tyrez

i hate that goddamn bike after looking at it.
i’m selling it!
who wants?

I don’t. It’s fucking got white tires.

They look like wheelchair tires!

Don’t sell it, just take the white parts off, replace with black and lose the tube pad and it would be sweet looking. White tires are horrible!!! Just like white belts!!!

i was joking. i’m in love with my bike.

im wearing my 18 year old sisters white belt right now.

i’m boning my friends 18yr old sister right now.

i’m boning your 18 year old sister RIGHT THIS SECOND!

I’m not boning anything 18.

Ugh… I’ll never fit in.

Oh, hi there. I noticed you looking at my Merckx. Or maybe you were noticing my Merlot. It’s a Yellow Tail Reserve. Oh that? That’s just my vintage leather bomber jacket crumpled up on the picnic table. I like to wear it while I’m bombing the hills here. Apropos, eh? Yes, it’s highly valuable, but I just toss it around. Because it’s just a possession, and possessions are impermanent. Not like love. Care to join me for a glass? What’s that? Oh, another time, then.

No, you can’t ride my Merckx.