Alien wheelset

Any opinions on this wheelset (at the bottom)? I really like the fact that it’s all black, and looks much like the deep-vs but at like half the cost.

Looks fine.
I don’t know!
What do you want from me?!?!
Here’s a review goddamnit!!!

edit: that was the worst fucking “review” I’ve ever read!

Yeah, that’s a pretty shitty review, but at least it was more informative than Alien’s own product description. Thanks :bear:

I’ve got some decent amount of milage on one of those wheel sets. Bump this post in the morning and I will remember to tell you all about them. Right now I need to stretch and go to bed.

I’m sure nitropye will have more detailed info, but i think i remember that the word floating around BF when those wheels dropped was that the seam on the rim is pretty visible/ugly, but that nobody had any real problems or complaints with them. that was just when they came out so i’m interested to hear what nitro has to say after putting some real miles in on them.

sounds promising. I can deal with a little ugliness for the price…

“Don’t know about you, but it always bothered me having those fixed or free threads just spinning there empty. I’d even pondered making something to thread onto that waiting side. No problem with Alien’s hubs. There’s only threads on one side of these 120mm spaced hubs.”

Can you tell they’re a FGG sponsor?


but really though, i agree about having only one side threaded for fixed being a nice option to have. generally i’m all about versatility but sometimes i don’t like having extra threads on my hub that’ll never be used just waiting around to get f’ed up when i lock my bike. in this case it just adds to the sexyness of the wheels being all black. i’m pretty sure these wheels are made up of rebranded components, but i’m fine with that. kinda looks like some sort of cxp22 kind of rims without the machined braking surface, just like their cranks are obviously of the andel/IRO variety.

other things to say about alien: frames seem to be a little more than i’d wanna pay, but i want a pair of their pedals. and a new brand name.

If Nitro could chime in again with his opinion that would be gr-r-r-r-r-reat!

Whoops forgot.

Okay so I have these on a conversion running a 16t in the back. Not sure how many miles I have on them but I’ve been riding them since october and all thru the winter.

So they are cheap. The rims like someone else said, kind have a very visible seem. They are heavy. H-E-A-V-Y. Repeat, heavy. Also since they are machine made my front wheel was a tad off true. I will say they are pretty bomb proof. All in all, if I was to buy another cheap wheelset I would forgo the cool black deep rims and just get something lighter. They are a good price, but I think there are just as good deals out there if you are willing to sacrifice not having a deep rim or a high flange hub.

I like to keep a second cog on my unused hub threads. This allows me to flip the wheel around and actually change the gearing without using a chainwhip and lockring spanner. It’s pretty neat.

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I’m in NA again so it’s 9:38 PM, not 5:38 AM. So, my reading forums for the last four hours is merely a bit pathetic and not a sign of deep depression.

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Are there other comparably priced all black wheelsets? Or rather, where the rims are all black?

i have all black formula/fusions that i got on ebay for 120. but you can’t have them.

weinmann dp18s come in all black. theres a few sets on ebay.