alien wheelset

i need a cheap wheelset. what’s up with the alien wheels? i’m assuming that they are just fake veeps with re-branded formula hubs. give me some options, or i swear i’ll leave this place for good ( i mean it, you guys are mean. don’t make me start a thread chronicling my departure.)


supposedly they’re alright, ugly seams but other than that no big problems. if you want something tried and true (albeit less sexy) in the same price range go with cxp-22s. i have had a few sets of them and have had zero complaints. you can find them in black, although they have a machined brake surface if that’s a problem for you.

I also had the XRP Vuelta set from bike island for a while, they were light and spun really well for the price

aerohead+forumlas. tried and true and cheap.

I love CXP22s.

If I wouldn’t feel guilty I would sell my alien’s and get something, anything else.

Based on experience, I’ll sing the praises of the Aerohead for a long time. 2.5 years on a rear built by IRO, never touched it with a spoke wrench.
The seam hidden by the label is pretty ugly though.

i could see them being kind of a bitch to true just because of that ghetto seam but other that that they look legit

I got rim cracks on a cxp22 after 2000-2500 miles. I probably wouldn’t get them again, unless they were dirt cheap.

i’m not sure if this would lead to cracking, but were they well built? lots of times wheelsets like that coming from cheap online retailers will be poorly tensioned. it took a collision with a car to do in my first set, and i thoroughly enjoy the feeling i get from hopping curbs.

why would you feel guilty?

They were loose when I got them, but I had them trued and tensioned after about hundred miles. But I am fat and haul lots of heavy shit over bad roads so that might have had something to do with it. Maybe I got a rim made on friday or something.

36 hole aero to formula is the strongest wheel I’ve ever ridden.
I’ve had one for two years and beat the hell out of it through two winters and have yet to need to true it.