All things MTB (old)


Fox or 9point8 if money is no object based on what I’ve read lately. OneUp looks intriguing tho.


Those are far to spendy since I’m paying around 3 bongs for frame, headset, shock and cranks.
Gotta keep some kind of budget going, I’m not made of Fergmoney unfortunately.
It’ll be a solid build none the less, spread out buying most of the parts and made some good deals along the way.


i get the trs+ installed today. i will let you know if it goes down then back up. thats how you know its a good drooper.


Just gonna drop this diagram I got from Tranzx into this thread for future reference by others


I could use 290mm of exposed post and their longest one only gives me 280. Much sad.


To my fellow Mid-Atlantic dwellers…

got a big group campsite at Pine Grove Furnace in Michaux for Memorial Day Weekend, and we can have 20 people there. Y’all are welcome to come shred with us, we should have 5-6 spots open after our immediate friends.


Bought a tranz x and an xfusion yesterday cuz eBay coupons. Kind of praying the tranzx is long enough and I can sell the xfusion.

And my girlfriend got a proper tranzx with 125 mm travel on her tiny mtb and internal routing. Way better than either of my janky 27.2 shits.


Pubes: that would be nice!

lukasz: what bike are you putting that 27.2 on?

Went to Robin Wallner and his gf’s garage sale today, scooped up some bits to upgrade my hardtail (saint rear mech and n/w 30t) and just generally hung out. Good times.


A Jeff Jones

Just took it on some techy trails and it would’ve been so much more fun with an up downer.


Why does my girlfriend’s new MTB have a third boss near the top of the downtube in addition to the usual standard bottle bosses near the middle of the downtube?


bolted framebaggery


I was thinking this may be the reason. On an Orbea tho? Like sure if it were a Salsa or something. Also I thought that usually entailed a pair of bosses?

I’ve actually been racking my brain trying to find a frame bag that will fit the size S frame. So far only the crappy Blackburn Outpost in S seems to fit the bill.


some sort of bolt on cable/hose boss?


everything is internally routed, including dropper.

Have found no evidence of this boss in the manual or on the website. wtf man WHY ARE YOU HERE.

edit: ok saw a dropper post routed in a review and apparently that’s what this boss is for. The cable then disappears into the bottom of the seat tube.


I did a thing with some other people and someone filmed it.


Nice thing doing there!


Fun video!


Followed Todd’s footsteps and did some riding outside of Leavenworth this past weekend. So fun and pretty! The views are killer and all the flowers were still out. We rode Xanadu, Tres Hombres, Ribbed and Rosy Boa with some camping thrown in there. I made a dumb mistake on a step up at the end of Xanadu (first trail lol) that left me kinda shook so I rode cautiously the rest of the weekend but was still stoked nonetheless.


Did you ride the old lower section on tres or the new one?


I think the new one because it wasn’t terrifying except for the one jump into the berm that was on the edge of a cliff.


yeah old one was mega sketch at one part.
I really like upper tres.
we gotta ride together!