All things MTB (old)

Talk tires, suspension, geometry, getting rad ETC.

Someone give me their impression of the orbea alma 29er h30. That’s what I’m prob getting coz sponsor.

Purple ano.


Bestest hubs:

Bestest video of me crashing cuz huge hangover:

Explore Ben P

Planning a 2-3 camping/mtb trip in March. Going to Fruita:

and I will NOT be doing this

So my dad just bought one of these.

Edit: the aluminum one. front and rear thru axle and full xt. so hot.

Racing Ralph. The only tire for 29" cross country.

dang. merry christmas!

Video from yesterday. My buddies dropped me since they were on 160-180 travel 26" wheel bikes and I was on my 100 travel 29er. It is hard to tell but that trail, which continues for another several minutes, averages -18% per Strava.

If you can get it for cheap, get it.

Nice. How secret/illegal is that trail?

Not secret (you can find 30+ poach trails in Marin on Strava) and it is as illegal as anything off Pine Mtn or San Geronimo Ridge, which is to say that there is relatively low ranger danger.

I’m doing my first endurance MTB race in May, an 8 hour with one of my Geekhouse cross team mates. Laps are 9-11 miles (depends on weather) with ~1100’ of climbing per lap. Any suggestions on training leading into something like that?


I’m using Ralph front Crow rear.

Who you riding with Nate?

I do longish to epic, road and dirt road rides with a lot of climbing on weekends. Weeknights I do shorter MTB rides to sharpen off road skills. I try and get some epic MTB rides in before tapering.

On the road is where I build most of my endurance.

Zach. Joshua is far far faster than I am and would take it somewhat seriously.

I also decided today that if someone shows up to a ride and I don’t know them I won’t take them on specific trails anymore. We hit the trail in the video above and a couple people were so far out of their depth that they could’ve been seriously fucked up. There is some inherent responsibility in knowing where the gnar is.

Also my body is dead after 40 something miles on the MTB over the last 3 days. Too many technical descents.

Mixed terrain is where it’s at. Specially as it warms up.

I will be doing mixed terrain rides that start from los gatos, climb a lot, then drop a lot, then gradual grades and loop into SDF then come back out.

Can’t wait to finish building up my first MTB in years. All I need to do is finish prepping the frame, wash the XTR/LX drivetrain, rebuild the rear wheel (nos USA made CR-18 is replacing an old Bontrager rim), and then put it all together. Fully rigid with 6061-T6 frame and 100mm suspension corrected Surly fork on 26" wheels will be interesting.
If I love riding it I may get an XTC 29er or something similar in a year or two.