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Most of the MX goggles have a model that will take prescription lenses. Oakley, 100%, and Smith have models, off the top of my head.


[quote=turpencat]Wear contacts.

I tried a buncha goggles but none of them fit over my frames


Contacts is the only real solution other than lasik


Looks like 100% uses SportRx, who does a bunch of other brands as well:

My daughter uses over-the-glasses goggles for snowboarding, but she’s about 50/50 if her regular frames fog up or not. I don’t wear glasses, but I would guess one of the inserts would help keep the seal around your eyes better.


Fuuuuuuuck this weekends EWS really makes me miss riding in Jamnica/Petzen! My two bosses are there racing Masters and I envy them SO MUCH right now… It doesn’t help that I’ve ridden 4 of the 6 stages and recognise most parts in all the videos coming out of there right now. Also hella fun seeing pros struggle with parts that I found really hard my self, kinda nice seeing them have a hard time from time to time!

This one is such a blast. Laughed out audibly half the vid, full on corner carnage: And this gives some good POV into more of the stages:


i would love to do an enduro. i need to find one around here. those videos make it look so fun, that’s exactly the kind of racing i’d love.


^same, just need an actual mountain bike with some squish

There’s a bunch of cool enduro events in New England, especially Vermont, and a few in the NY southern tier; Vestal has one if I recall. Nothing out our way that I know of tho


Those videos and the ones of the Maxxis NE serier make enduro races look a lot more chill and doable than I had imagined. I’d probably be slow as hell but now I think I could at least handle the courses.


Enduro is all abut the vibes my friends! Every one should try it at least twice.
It’s about sending it small or big (what ever you are comfortable with), meeting others folks who are faster than you and steal their lines, pick up tips and develop your own skills, meet folks who are at your level and deal out all the high fives after all the stages and cheering for the slower folks and bring them stoke for participating.

I fucking love enduro and the CX anno 10-15 vibes it has and hopefully will maintain at an amateur level.

I mean do you have friends who ride bikes? Then pull a group together, have some people chose a trail each and have your own mini-unsanctioned enduro at your local trail center. It’s so much fun! Then have a bbq after and kick it and set fire to some pallets or something.


More EWS from Vital:
That rooty shooty thing looks like it would be terrible to ride. I’m glad chainsaw guy ran out of gas, because that shit was annoying.

Pretty sick pro line at 2:12.


Rooty shooty thing looks brootal.


borrowed a cannondale jekyll 2 today at a demo event (great deal).

holy shit that thing is a magic carpet. A couple weeks I thought the xprezo was plush, but this thing was confident on another level (guess that’s what happens in 4 years)


dats my bike!
Can’t wait to try it in 29 sometime in the next year.


Looks like a blast riding, though not at full on race speed…

Also: fuck yes Robin Wallner grabbing his second podium!
So happy it’s starting to fall into place for him, always nice to see a local shredder doing well.


Today at Olallie out of Seattle, good first* ride of the PM2 (aka Pine Mountain 2 - aka Sex Machine).

The bike is flawless, the frame and build just killer. 3in Nobby Nic’s at 13psi front and back, with the fork dialed in - it feels like you’re riding on hands. Good cornering, good climbing, good descending, caught a little air at one point. Bottomed the dropper out, hit 26mph on the down and out and there are no straightaways. Great bike. Good trail. Outstanding company. The biggest weak point was my cardio on the climb.

2500 feet in 6 miles makes for a hell of a bomb.

Ready for war

Ready for war

The bike is willing, the flesh is weak

The bike is willing, the flesh is weak

The bike is willing, the flesh is weak

I am loving the shit out of this bike.




Anyone here own a jones? I am really thinking about buying one.


Ferg does, Fred’s a fan, I think theres maybe one other one on here. Its definitely a dream bike for me.


Gravelbike and Lukasz?


I own one (Plus model) and love it. What would you like to know?