Alternatives to Velocity Aerohead?

I’ve been trying to find a low-profile rim that is available in colors (white, specifically). The Velocity Aerohead is the only rim I’ve found that is low-profile (no Deep V’s for me) and is also available in a number of colors. Any comments on the Aerohead, in regards to durability and strength? Anybody know of any inexpensive alternatives?

Thanks all, and yes, I already took care of the bag/jar/receptacle of dicks.

Whoa, already finished? You must’ve just gotten the free trial size jar. There’s more where those came from.

As for the aeroheads, my buddy’s got red ones with the Off-Center in back on his Schwinn Peloton and they look badass. He’s got quite a few miles on them and they seem to hold up well. I’m going to be building up a wheelset with the flat black set for my Trek. Exciting stuff.

I know of no alternatives. Back to your dick consumption.

Technically i have a set of white aeroheads. I have never ridden them. Trackatino has though…

Very few rims come in colors other than black/silver… other than deep-v knockoffs like weinnmans i can’t think of any that are sold pre-anodized or pre-powdercoated, and unless you got a hook up it’s a giant waste of money to get that done yourself just for rims.

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just sayin’

aeroheads will probably be my next wheelset sometime in the distant future. Unless H+ comes out with something, i’m all about supporting the home team

Lessee, I’ve seen CXP-33s anodized blue and red, so pretty. Aerohead O/C makes a strong rear wheel if you’re geared. Otherwise, HTFU and get some rims powdercoated if you care about colors that much.

Weinnman does a rim for swobo powdercoated white 24mmhigh versus 21mm on an aerohead, they’re cheap too.

get the aeroheads, they are light and strong.

my buddy just picked up a dimension to aerohead rear.

I really like the look of the aerohead.

cxp23…i think the 33 is a little deeper than the op might want. maybe not, though.

just get 32h aeroheads and be done with it

or be baller and get these:

[quote=everythingwolf]just get 32h aeroheads and be done with it

or be baller and get these:

white hubs are so gross to me (esp with black spokes)

Thanks for the replies. Guess I’ll start shopping for those Aeroheads then. I was hoping to get into a set of them laced to Formula hubs for around the same price as a set of Deep Vs, but that’s not going so well right now. Anybody know where I can get a good deal on these?

didn’t we used to shit on people for riding white rims?

Aeroheads are pretty badass.
I’ve got 3 wheels with them right now and never had a problem.

One is a 3 year old IRO built wheel, I built the other two up sometime last summer. All three are still true and going strong.

No. White Aeroheads are perfectly acceptable.

i love white rims

spray paint whatever the fuck cheap box rims you can get cheap. before you build them. who gives a shit. you’ll get sick of them in a year anyway, or destroy them. seriously. it does not matter.

(i have done this, in pink, to me14a rims. they were $10 each.)

Open Pro? You only have two color options though. Silver and Black/Silver.

nos blue and red ando pop up on ebay every now and then. i wouldn’t but them, though.

go to your LBS. You can get dimension to aerohead wheelsets for like 170ish, perhaps even cheaper.

I think J&B carries them? back up on that?