aluminium track cogs

Any of you guys use them on your track bike? good bad? How do you like em?

Steel is real, dog.

This is just armchair metallurgy on my part but that sounds like a terrible idea to me. The weight savings or whatever benefit you could get from it seems like it would be so minimal. But I wouldn’t mind if someone who actually knows about these things could give us the skinny about them.

Never used one, only heard bad things about them - wear out fast, negligible benefit, even the pros don’t use them, not worth the extra $$$.

I just stick with DA and EAI. Never let me down before, especially EAI.

I want a carbon fiber cog.

i’d buy a fabric cog blicks.

just sayin’.

i know the aluminum king kog will shear from trials forces. stick with steel, as it is real.

there’s a reason why aluminum has no great catchphrases.

aluminum: for those who cant afford titanium
aluminum: when you hear a ping best stop having fun
aluminum: made in taiwan

And your chainring, cranks, rims, stem, bar, seat post are all made of steel. nice biek yo.

Aluminum cogs work just fine, esp in a track setting. Might not last as long, and weight savings is minimal, but it won’t break…

Yea, I have been using the cheaper EAI cogs and love them. I was just curious as aluminium cogs have been popping up all around, i’m guessing cuz you can anodize it and it gives the kids something extra to play with. But alu cogs do seem like a bad idea.

Anodized cogs? Shit… when will the kids learn that nothing looks better than a classy high-polish :colbert:

here are some random facts.

shear modulus of 7075 t6 al: 3,900,000 psi
shear modulus of 4130: 11,600,000 psi

i imagine the shear forces on the cog are much greater than those acting on the teeth of the chainring, which would explain why we can get away with aluminum chainrings. basically, what i’m saying is that there’s a reason why aluminum has been in widespread use in the bicycle industry and cogs remain to be made of steel, even on the weight weenie road bikes. i’m a mechanical engineering major with shitty grades so take what i say with a grain of salt.

Well, you also have 2-5x the teeth on a chainring vs. cog too.

[quote=andrewf]aluminum: for those who cant afford titanium
aluminum: when you hear a ping best stop having fun
aluminum: made in taiwan[/quote]

WTF? seriously?

no i just made those up

i know. So you mean aluminium sucks cuz this alloy is made in taiwan? or?

anodized cogs gotta get matchy matchy

most good aluminum frames bear that sticker. It is not an insult but rather an affirmation that welders in taiwan do a very good job. steel rusts