And I felt bad when I got my bag stolen.

During the Tour of California Dave Zabriskies house was robbed. They took almost everything… Shit that sucks…,5143,705287120,00.html

i thought rich people had alarm systems


there are ways around alarm systems. Plus there’s still a window of time when you can break in before the cops come. If they planned it around the ToC, that is kinda a beautiful plan. you know dude and his family are going to be gone

that’s low

Also his mother was checking in on it daily, but she was out of town for a short period as well and that’s when it happened. Somebody put a lot of planning into it. I feel really bad for the guy.

How did nobody notice? I mean, even at night you think you’d notice ppl goin in and out taking everything

Nobody talks to their neighbors anymore, especially in swank ass neighborhoods. They probably just thought he was moving.

This is true. When I try to talk to my neighbors they look at me like I have 3 heads.

Fuckin’ lame.

This is true. When I try to talk to my neighbors they look at me like I have 3 heads.[/quote]

I have one neighbor that goes out of her way to talk to me, and it’s because we both go to the same gym and bar on a regular basis.

All that crazy rare stuff is going to turn up somewhere within the next week and they’re going to catch the guys.

I make sure to introduce myself to all my neighbors on a regular basis

I can’t remember most of their names but I have talked to all of them and I can match faces to houses

my neighbors next door used to be friendlier with us but do not like us because we had a party on Halloween, which was stupid, like, can you complain about someone making noise on their porch at 10pm on a Friday night? They were like “we have young children sleeping” and it’s just like, dude, when I was a kid, if I was actually tired, I had no trouble falling asleep, at that age if you’re complaining about noise it’s because you don’t want to be in bed

Hopefully the proceeds from DZNuts will put him back on track.

Our new neighbors are cool. They had never met me since they moved in recently and I’ve been away at school all year but they’re pretty good friends with my parents. On Thanksgiving break while I was home, I ended up locking myself out. I know there’s a window in our sunroom that’s a bit loose so I managed to completely remove it and just hop into the house. The neighbors apparently freaked the fuck out and thought some ratty biker kid was breaking into our house and called the cops on me. 30 minutes later (thanks cops) the cops showed up and were all on my ass… cause I would break in, guess the code to our alarm system, stay in the house for half an hour, then answer the door if I were a robber. I did appreciate the neighbors giving a shit though.

Good neighbors are awesome and rare. I love whatever city I’m in 10x as much when I’ve got good, happy neighbors.

Rich people being horrible neighbors is yet another reason why I wouldn’t want to be rich–wait, I take that back, I want lots of money but don’t want to live like I’m rich.

/feels vindicated, almost frugal, for setting a $2000 budget on my current build.