Annual winter bike shat thread

Display bike smug on the outside. Complain bitterly on the inside. Supposedly a drier summer means less snow, but in my experience that also means a colder winter.

Also these just arrived:

If anybody wants an MBC Winter Bear sticker, PM me. They’re reflective. (akasnowmaaan, I’ve got you down already).

Also, this looks fun: Yuba Mundo Fat Bike

Parody thread, voted 1.

Tights (which I have right now) ain’t exactly commute-friendly. Get me into winter cycling legwear that I can wear casually… besides fucking jeans which I hate riding in.

Or should I just ride in tights and carry jeans in backpack?

My legs never really get all that cold, so I only require a couple of layers only on the coldest days (say sub 20F…what is that, -12C?). So tights might be a viable option, with 2x tights on certain days. Maybe? I dunno, I’ve been fine with jeans. One other problem is the gap between tights and socks. My shins and ankles tend to dry out as a result. Thoughts?

PM’d for stickers. no response.

tall socks :tbear:

I usually commute in soft shell pants or tights/shorts collab, and then just change into different pants at work. That said, If i really wanted to, I could wear the soft shell pants all day.

Tights, Novara Headwind pants over them. I hate the way they look but there is no equivalent product and they work very, very well. You could fit them on over jeans or whatever for the commute.

swrve or outlier pants + tall wool socks (dahlgren expeditions for example). roll up, roll down. add thin merino baselayer bottoms on the worst days.

Peemed all ya’ll for stickers. If you want one, just Peem me your address and I’ll drop one in the mail.

winter bike s hat?:

hook us up with stickers
doesn’t matter no more winter in antipodes
just make stickers retro cool