Another DeepV copy option - 2008 Vuelta Track Team

Just came across these ... rodID=1148

Has anyone seen them in person?

A bit more than Wienmanns and don’t have a freewheel side but they’re 36h, have bladed spokes (is that really better?), the front comes radial, they give you 2 15t cogs (1/8 and 3/32 which are probably trash… .but hey. . included cogs), and those people give free shipping, so its straight up $189.

I guess they appeal to the people buying Deep-V’s in primary colors.

They don’t know better anyway.

fuck bladed spokes, there is absolutely no point and it kinda goes against why a lot of us ride fixies. The more complicated you get without serious benefit the worse off you are. find a pair of weinmann’s for 100 bucks online, unless you need the white or the red.

bladed spokes arent that complicated
i assume they just dont catch sidewinds as much as regular spokes do?

for once i actually dig the look of a machined sidewall. that little groove is a nice detail.

mmmm bladed spokes… drool

bladed spokes are supposedly stronger. add that to 3x, 36h, looks like a really solid build. who knows if the rim and hub are any good, though.

bladed spokes and grooved brake surfaces are sweet. too bad the colors are ugly as shit.

if they had black i would have picked them up

i wonder how they compare to weinmann and velocity? i still want some neet rimz

[color=#FF0000]NOT ACCEPTABLE![/color]

bikeisland has black in there somewhere.

they’re also located in plano, but it might be kinda pointless to go to their shop since there’s free shipping. unless they’re selling stuff cheaper in there. i cant comment on that.

They have a shop in Houston. They sell Motobecane Messengers for $499, no joke.

I don’t get the whole deep-v fetish, but to each their own…

Its all about matching colors.

[quote=“tx_what_it_do”]if they had black i would have picked them up

i wonder how they compare to weinmann and velocity? i still want some neet rimz

[color=#FF0000]NOT ACCEPTABLE![/color][/quote]

America needs to be more tolerant of freewheels. They deserve space on the hub just as much as any of us cogs.

If you want to use a freewheel fucking take the cog off. You don’t need both! One or the other make up your mind. You can always put a freewheel on a purely fixed hub.

k thanks now where

Sorry the thread necromancy, but I ordered a set of these wheels and received them on Monday. Funny story: I actually ordered white, and the box said white. When I opened them, however, they were blue. BikeIsland offered to swap them for me, but the more I looked at it the more I liked the look of the blue wheels on my bike. Anyway, when I decided to keep them, BikeIsland gave me a $20 refund. That’s pretty cool.

Anyway, I’ve had the opportunity to ride them for a few days now, and they are really nice for the price. Definitely just another Deep V knock-off, but the rims are nice, the spokes are good, and the hubs are smooth. They arrived perfectly true and ready to roll.

Unless they collapse underneath me at some point in the future, I say these are a good option for the budget-minded who want that Deep V look.

I’ll get some good pics of my bike with them on it tomorrow and post them.

If you are going to buy vuelta’s, get the low profile cheapo ones. The set I had spun disco fresh for days like uhhhhhhh. They were super light too, I really really liked those wheels for 150 bucks and they came with tires. I have a pair of rims that is deep profile, they arent that awesome (velcoity fusion front, veep d rear). ... ProdID=611

These must be the black ones… and $169… hmm.