Another "help me decide on a decal" thread

so last time, you guys helped me pick the rabbit for my disc on my felt


and today im painting my aerospoke baby blue
and it will get rid of the “aerospoke” decal. so i’ll want to make something to replace it.
i’ve considered AYHSMB, but i dont really get a lot of hate. anyone have any ideas?

Fuck you asshole. There, now you can use AYHSMB.

oh, thanks :slight_smile:
problem solved

Whose bike was AYHSMB, anyway?

ATX Fixed. The guy who built his frame at Yamaguchi’s school and brazed on a bottle opener.

you should get arr0spok decals

idk if you can.
it looks like its screen printed on.

ill call them next week

You should get a giant spoke card for your aerospOk.

written EXACTLY like this ^ OR aerospOk


just get “err0r” decals and put em on.
“Eat-Shit-Get-Stoked-Repeat” with one word on each “spok”



blue? for that bike? wtf?


I can only imagine and LOL at how many people would think it’s a legit HED.

i painted it today.
pictures tomorrow.

i like err0rsp0k, or arr0spok.
tarck. is also a possibility
thanks for the ideas!

we’ll see how it plays out

Bold, its not for the Felt. i put that picture up because of the rabbit decal

i posted it in the Post your bike thread too

feel free to photoshop on decals? yeahh

no decals. that looks damn good.

and by ‘damn good’ he means retarded.