Let’s bring on the Wangster hate! If you hate it as much as I do, sign in!

Anti-Langster member #founder

I just think that most of the people that ride them are the type that buy the first thing the salesmen at the big bike shop recommended.

This post makes me want to get a Langster.

I have a langster and am faster than you.

^ Chill guy.

hate people, not bikes.

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Probably true. Those people are extremely lucky.

That being said I have an old conversion and it’s practically useless now. I try to ride it again and it’s like riding in humus. I’m so fucking fast now it’s rediculous.

So because you’ve generalized Langster owners as “the type that buy the first thing the salesmen at the big bike shop recommended” I will generalize the Langster hater.

The Langster hater is the type of guy who only hates the bike because it represents big business. Yes specialized is big, but that doesn’t make them bad (actually economies of scale more than likely make them able to produce better things at cheaper cost). To some people it may make them “uncool”. People that don’t like things simply because they are uncool are douche-bags.

Can we call the club The douche-bag club.

i think it has less to do with big business and more to do with misguided marketing strategies and tediously awful aesthetics. that said, for as many city editions they missed the mark on there are a few that aren’t awful, and i’ve got nothing against the normal langsters aside from compact geo not really being my thing.

if i had money to throw around, i would go buy a san francisco langster right now.

and purple oury grips.


Ive hated Langsters for years.
Dont need no weird man club for that.

I have two specialized bikes (here, I’ll post em cause I feel like it)
2008 rockhopper 29

2007 hardrock with xtracycle

I don’t hate langsters because they represent big business, I hate em cause they’re are stupid and gimicy and ugly as hell. I think specialized is a really good company that makes some awesome bikes. Specialized is the anti-Trek.

i love that rockhopper, tarkass grips and all.

Thanks. I love it too.
The stock wheels are dogshit though.

I’m just not big on “compact geometry” - looks like a mountain bike. Especially on bikes with ergo bars and brifters, Those things look insanely out of proportion. At least you don’t have the brifters on a ss/fixed gear.

fuck you for having awesome bikes Rusty .