Any good reason I shouldn't buy this bike?

Yeah. I’m broke.

Way to change the topic so I look like I’m retarded! :bear:

You don’t need Dura Ace. Buy Ultegra and use the money you save to upgrade the wheels.

but that’s a good price for dura ace

Probably the sensible thing to do. DA’s hot though.

DA’s only “hot” because it costs more. Ultegra looks great and does the job as well for a lot less money. Despite what Shimano says, the biggest difference between the two groups is a few grams of weight.

The be honest though, looking at the BD website, it’s easy to see why it’s worth an extra $300 more for DA. That bike is just better equipped, period.

DA is generally pretty tempermental from what I hear. I dont have the cash to drop on it, but my friend rides a dura ace rear derailluer and it gives him all sorts of problems it seems like. It’s always throwing a fit, even when its just been adjusted correctly. My vote would be ultegra or 105.

a really great deal, IMO.

[quote=“doofo”]yeah but dura ace wont help you win races

wont get you any women

and will wear out faster[/quote]
That’s not true.

I have Dura-Ace brake cables. I get the bitches non stop.

On a more serious note though, Ultegra is just fine. It’s great actually. It’s true about the main difference being grams.

The fucking ass whole owned my roadie before me rebuilt the Dura Ace BB and installed one of the bearing races backwards. Shitty Nashbar cartridge would have worked better.