Any shop guys know

If there is a pair of Bright Silver Velocity Aero OR Aeroheads in 32h to be had anywhere in the states?

My search so far has been fruitless.

just get a silver pair polished (what I did)

Email these guys

The rim I bought came straight from Velocity USA in Wyoming, Michigan and wasn’t in stock either.

I’m going to hit the actual phone tomorrow and see what people actually have in stock. I’m tired of trying to order online just to find out there’s no stock two days later.

SpeedGoat came back and said they couldn’t get any of the Aero (my preference). I’ve had a lot of good experiences with them in the past.

I have a non-msw aerohead currently, it looks like the finish would be tough as hell to polish off.

none of the suppliers that my shop deals with have any in stock. velocity also told me they were out of stock. i think the only ones you will find will be with shops that happen to have some in stock.


That was my suspicion. Thanks.

are you set on aero’s or aeroheads?
there are several comparable semi-deep section rims that come in bright silvers or could be hand polished (it’s not a difficult process, just time consuming). I cant think of any off the top of my head but I think Alex makes a rim that is fairly decent and comes in silver as well as some other. (I might have also seen some old campy ones as well but I’m not sure?)

You gotta de-anodize it first before polishing. You can have a place do it for you for $20-30.

I think I’m just going with the regular silver aeroheads.
I’ve got one on an IRO built wheel right now and it’s been perfect for nearly 3 years.
Thanks for the answers.

Velocitys aren’t out of stock, as far as I know. It’s Mavic that’s impossible to get a hold of, right now. Tell your shop to try harder.

what about weinmann LP18’s? those are similar in profile, and come silver and polished. not as fancy, but decent from what i hear.

or I think those IRO deep profile rims would do well? they seem pretty bright if I recall and are probably easily polished.

Nothing currently on the market comes polished to a mirror like shine as far as I know. I’m talking about looking-at-your-rims-to-see-if-you-have-food-around-your-mouth polished.

how long would said polishing last before the aluminum oxidized and got that weird dull thing going on?

Not sure. I polish mine because it accumulates a lot of finger prints either from me changing my tires or from people looking and touching all over the rim. It takes 5-10 minutes. Do it like every 3-4 weeks… I’m not gonna lie, it’s a bit of a pain but if you want shiny, it’s good stuff.

and what rims did you do this to?

Most Sun rims do, and I’ve seen DT Swiss RR 1.2 rims with a mirror finish.

oh yeah forgot about the sun rims. good call.