Anybody ever get wheels built by universal cycles?

how’d it go?

My roommate works at universal… a couple other people from polo work there, one of em is probably who builds their wheels. dude used to live here and we get a lot of mail for him… they are hand built by someone with a l ot of experience, but i can’t vouch for their quality having never ridden any wheels built by them.

they do have one thing going for them at universal:
shop kitties

i want the kitties to build.

I’ve done business with universal and they were awesome. I had to do a complex return and they were super nice about it and so much more helpful than the typical super shop.

But no. I have not ever had wheels built by them.

my lbs has a cross eyed shopcat.

prowheelbuilder did an excellent job for me.

my hands did a pretty excellent job for me…
If you are trying to get wheels built, just learn to build them, when paired with a cup of coffee and some good tunes it is surprisingly enjoyable and relaxing.

building wheels
so zen
esp with all this winter bullshit going on outside.

my roommate got a set built from them. don’t remember what rims/hubs he used but he’s been very happy with them so far. building yourself is a great skill to learn but can be pretty frustrating the first couple times (like most valuable skills). plus i usually end up having my lbs finish the truing process since i can never seem to get them vertically perfect. can end up more expensive too, but just imagine the street cred!