anyone else out riding at 4am?

I work nights 10pm to 4am 6 days out o the week.
My ride to work is only 10 miles both ways.
I end up leaving work, throwing in my headphones, and sometimes just go cranking around the city.
I love 4am to 5am. No one’s out, the only people I have to deal with are acouple freight trucks that roll by (good draft ), and the guys that toss the papers(sketchy if you’re not ready for a car driving on the wrong side of the road.)
anyone else go out late late at night/early early morning just to take avantage of the empty roads and the lack of stupid people awake?
P.S. I ride around inside work sometimes too. I’m the only one here.

I do when I am on day shifts since my shift starts at 6am. I leave my house around 430 and like you said it is really calm and nice. Other than that 4am is when I am riding home drunk from a friends house after one too many beers and Jinro.

What do you do Mike?

Almost all of this except for the Jinro part applies to me. Or at least it did when I worked at 6 a.m.

i was out from 12-5am

so great.

now im going to work.

I leave for work as close to 6 as I can. It isn’t 4am (actually a lot of people get shot in this area around that time), but there is little traffic. Trouble is, sleepy drivers tend to right-hook a bicyclist. I had to curse an unaware Texan this morning. That being said, there is a LOT to love about early morning rides.


I’ve been anxious from not riding my bike several times and I think that I can just go to sleep and not worry about not having ridden. This usually keeps me up until 3 or 4 then I go out and buy some bananas at safeway, bike over to the park, eat one, then get going as fast as i can. We have a very large hill we have in that neighbourhood that I try to go up without doing switchbacks but I can’t build up enough speed/spin fast enough. I’ll try it soon with my new ratio.

i have to get to work at 430 in the morning. buttt i dont have my bike yet, and im kinda fearful of how early ill have to get up to get it there in time. because its a good 20 miles or so there and another 20 back, with a shitton of hills. fucking colorado :frowning: but im gonna start trying at least one day a week once i get my cog.

I watch dogs at a boarding facility. Nice, easy, and I don’t have to deal with people.
Last night was kind of hard, had acouple upset “guests”.
I just woke up right now (1:45pm), I’ll probably grab my BMX bike and
ride that down to the skatepark(talk about terrible gearing, I run 23 teeth and 9 out back and a freecoaster with lotsa lots of slop in the clutch. So my first 1/4 of my cranking is useless, and no sitting cause the seats too low), It’s like 12 miles round trip for that but takes 4 times as long.
So I guess somedays I do alittle more mileage just half of it is on the BMX.

I know where that Safeway is and where the skatepark is too(in arcata)!
I have a friend that is moving up there to go to school. He’s not fixed but he’s all about his road bike.
Maybe you can meet up with him and convert him?

I promise no conversions. If he is all about his roadbike that is fine with me. I’d gladly meet the dude. I just meant one of the regular parks.

He’s pretty serious so maybe he’ll be down to build an extra bike. I’ll talk him into getting on this forum.
regular parks… ha sorry. well I do know where the skate"park" is. I liked Arcata when I drove through there on my way home, very small town feel, you live there all your life or just there for school or something else?

yep i live on and off with my family here. I grew up here and left for sweden for a year. Now I’m back and at HSU, but hopefully I’ll get back to sweden soon. The FG scene there is kinda blowing up, but I think I might sell my fg and just bring a touring bike.

i ride bmx at 4am. no one out and i’m not going to die from heat and humidity.

I visited my friend in Berkeley for the weekend and had to take the 4am BART in order to get back in Santa Cruz in time for class. Biking down Shattuck with no traffic and all the lights yellow for some reason was pretty amazing. Even saw another cyclist on the way there.

When I wrecked, I ended up passing out on a bench for a few hours bleeding. I woke up around 3:30am and finished my bike ride home (2 or 3 miles).

I’ll bike at pretty much any time to get laid though. Not many other bikers out at that hour.

I am personally a fan of shadowchasing, something I forgot to mention. It’s where you pass a street lamp and see your shadow come pass you and you boost your speed because some noob dressed in black tries to pass you. quite fun.

Haha I do that too.

starbucks by my house is hiring. they have a 4:30 am to 11 am shift.

i applied. :slight_smile: