Anyone ever broken a lockring?

So the other day on a beer run I noticed some cog movement when pedaling or braking really hard. I freaked and thought I’d stripped my hub or something. After mentally reviewing Ted Shred procedures I proceeded to limp home slowly and cautiously.

Tonight I pulled off the lockring and cog, expecting to find trashed threads. Happily everything about the hub looked good. I figured it was some freak thing where the lockring had just come loose, so I started reinstalling everything. That’s when I noticed the lockring had a hairline fracture located at the bottom corner of one of the indents in the rim. The fracture appears to run the entire width and depth of the ring, i.e. it’s not a full circle any longer. Crazy!

I’ve installed cogs and lockrings before and do not believe I did anything out of spec. However this is the first time I’m running brakeless so maybe I’m putting more stresses on the cog/lockring than previously? Thinking I’ll upgrade to a Surly or similar stainless steel lockring soon, but in the meantime I was able to throw a spare lockring on there.

Just a weird experience overall, can’t imagine it’s that uncommon given the forces these things are exposed to.

Never broke a lockring.
I recommend Dura Ace lockrings. Never had a problem and they are cheap/high quality/last forever.

I broke a BB lockring recently with my gorilla strength, but it was 20 years old.

someone please send me an Italian bottom bracket lockring.

I’ve never broken one but I apparently sheared the threads off of it. It was aluminum though so it was no great feat. Lockring is one thing you really shouldn’t skimp out on (I’m pretty sure you at least ride with a brake). The ‘expensive’ ones aren’t that much more than the cheap ones and it’s worth it.

I tore a the spanner notch out of one side of a cheap formula lockring but the ring was fine and I just used the other notch.
I still use the ring.

Interesting. I like my Alien wheelset and in the interest of getting long years of service out of the hub, I think I’ll invest in a new lockring soon :slight_smile:

i’m pretty sure conversionstar did. dude mashes so hard he folds chainrings on the reg

I’m pretty sure the lockring on my Hour wheel is broken. Something’s been up with it and I haven’t taken it to the lbs yet to get it checked out.

[quote=kaido_k]Never broke a lockring.
I recommend Dura Ace lockrings. Never had a problem and they are cheap/high quality/last forever.[/quote]

Quotin’ dis.

you over torqued something and or under torqued something, this allowed movment while you were riding. and then it broke.
you need both torqued against each other to about 15-20 lbs, and-or use loctite. and check them both every so often.

I have never broken, but i have repaired a few, seen then sheared off, and broken in half.