Anyone know anything about roller racing

Hey guys,

So I’m trying to put together something similar to Goldsprints or roller racing and have been looking for some sort of direction of how to set it up. Anyone live in a city where this is currently happening and could help me with the setup? I’m basically just looking for a way to monitor the distance traveled using rollers (or trainers) or than a small cyclocomputer since I’d like the results to be displayed. I’ve been reading about OpenSprints (which is just an open source version of goldsprints), but if any one knows a better way to go about this let me know. I’m fairly familiar with soldering and electrical engineering/ have plenty of engineering students at my disposal which I’m thinking should help.

There’s some opensource software for goldsprints.

I just found this flyer on that site.

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open sprints works pretty well, but we have had a lot of trouble getting it set up. It is not without it’s quirks.