Anyone need a 27.2 dropper? Local pickup preferred

I’ve got a Brand X Ascent II that’s got maybe 4-5 rides on it.

Works fine, I just had it installed on a bike that doesn’t need a dropper.

I’ve got it listed locally for $100. Make me an offer that seems fair and I’ll probably take it. I’d prefer not to ship because I don’t know where I’d find a box that’s the right size for this weird piece of machinery.

If you’re along the I-5 corridor from, say, Wilsonville to Everett, I can bring it to you if you’re patient.


I’d like this dropper, but only want to pay $75, and would wanna go with the “be patient” shipping option, since I’m technically just south of Everett pretty much on the I5 corridor. I could drive to Seattle or Tacoma or something to make the meetup easy.

I won’t be mad if you give it up to someone who can actually do local pickup or pay all the money you want of course.


I want to pay nothing and I don’t want it but I live on the I5 corridor in case you want to get a coffee or beer sometime


I’ve got a pending sale but I’ll keep you in the loop

We still need to do this for sure

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Is this a 30.9 internal routed? If so I can do $20 shipped. Thanks.

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Deliver to Canada?


I forgot what we were talking about

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Does it matter?

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I feel attacked.


Anyone else got a free 27.2 dropper for me?

I can send you the contact information for the person I sold mine to

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