Are Time ATACs Really This Shitty?

Are Time ATACs really supposed to float in all 3 dimensions? Because if so, they fucking suck.

I’ve been riding SPDs for almost a year now. Last fall I bought a pair of Time ATAC XS pedals because everyone talks about how awesome they are.

I tried them, and they sucked. There was no way to tell that I had clipped in (no feeling, no noise) and hardly any sensation of unclipping. I tried various combinations of tightening and loosening the tension, switching the cleats from L to R. Nothing worked, so I gave up and went back to my SPDs for the rest of the winter, which I like a lot.

Today I went to the LBS and they gave me a pair of shims that they said were necessary for the ATACs. With the shims there is now an obvious, and loud, click when i clip in, and a similar feeling when I clip out. This is great. But now I’m finding that only do the pedals have float (I can rotate my heels in toward and away from the bike) which is fine, but I can also tilt my whole foot in toward or away from the bike – as if there is no solid platform underneath it. (The best comparison I can make to this is that it’s like pointing your ankles in toward or away from each other when on rollerblades).

The worst part, though, is that there’s VERTICAL FLOAT too! What the fuck?! Someone please tell me I can fix this. What good are pedals/cleats that don’t actually keep your feet on the pedals? There’s a noticeable lag between when I lift my foot and when the pedal actually starts to rise, and it’s definitely not my foot flopping around in my shoe.

So, what’s the deal? Is this really the way these ‘awesome’ pedals are supposed to perform? And if not, do you know how I can fix it?

(I bought the pedals new but as an older model from someone on ebay, so I don’t know about any sort of warranty :colbert:)

Only time I noticed what you’re describing was when riding Egg Beaters. My ATACs have a little float but nothing bothersome.

The only clipless I’ve ridden are ATACs so I can’t compare systems but here are my thoughts:

  • I don’t have a cleat shim
  • I get a definite loud click on both entry and exit
  • I get left and right float (which I like) but no vertical float
  • They feel toally solid and awesome.

[edit] mine are Aliums

I’ve got 4 sets and they are all the same as what wotan said.

I just found out theres two different atac cleats
maybe you has the wrong ones?

<3 atacs

[quote=white folks]I just found out theres two different atac cleats
maybe you has the wrong ones?[/quote]
are you able to elaborate on this? the pedals came with the cleats, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they were the wrong ones.

There’s no interference between the cleat / pedal and shoe, is there? I’ve only used Aliums, but my experiences are exactly those of Wotan’s. The one thing I’ve noticed is that it’s possible to clip in at an angle (like, not parallel to the bike) which can be confusing but is easily rectified.

There shouldn’t be. I’m wearing generic Sidis and the guy at the shop said the tread wasn’t an issue (I asked the same question).

al had problems like this but i love mine so…

yeah fuck 'em. I bought a pair of aliums with the same problem as you, but then I bought some carbon ones with less of an issue. With the carbons there was a lot of side to side float but I felt secure enough. I really hated the float though, so I’m not a fan, just me though.

i’ve never had problems with up/down float with my ATAC XEs, I’ve heard if the sole of your shoes are worn it can happen.
That being said,
I’m looking for another set of ATACs (anything except Aliums, those shits are too heavy) so if you don’t like yours, send them my way.

I got alium pedals too. No up and down float. Obvious click in and out.

As they’ve worn, one side definitely has a lot more float. None up and down though… and originally very little side to side.

I’ve had my aliums for several years. the only constant complaint I have is their propensity to creak. no float issues. I was going to suggest a shoe/pedal compatibility issue, but I’m using Sidi’s too.

i’ve heard some folks say they have needed to perform a bit of surgery with the sidi/atac combo, while others have had no issues with compatability. so, i dunno. what i have heard is reinforced by aero’s post - when the shoe lugs begin to wear, performance tends toward the pooper, float gets to be too much, and with just just those two bars against the sole you will get wicked hot spots. are you sidi’s in need of a re-sole?

No sole issues. The shoes are still pretty darn new. I wore them for about a month before winter, and just started up with them again last week.