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that bottom bracket situation will never make it in the afterscape

is that a gas mask on the rear rack?

i’m pretty into that front hub set up…if only it was a dyno

Better off with a 26" LHT with square taper cranks and some custom racks. Loose ball everything and an 8spd drivetrain. I’m pretty confident I could maintain that for an eternity on my own.

diggin the custom made color coordinate hatchet crescent wrench


What the hell kinda frame is that? It looks like some sort of beach cruiser.

Dude for real. The person went all doomsday prepper on that thing but went with that bb choice? I understand the idea of having eccentric for chain tension issues with the variable drive train options but I’d have used a more reliable bb and instead installed on the chain stay an extendable/swing down nylon wheel chain tensioner.

Yeah, unless I see a full view of the bike, I can’t be asked to care.

yeah that’s kind of funny too. all these deets shots but no full view? wtf!