Artisanal bikes

I wanted a thread for framebuilders

Who is making an elegant road disc fork rn

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niner RDO and rodeo spork are my current faves because of their looks and features. If you don’t need any sort of rack warts then you have a lot more options.

JP Weigle?

I want a breadwinner g-road - interested in what people think about it

It’s a pretty cool bike, but g-road type bikes sure are a dime a dozen these days.

you can pay me money to make you a gravel bike if you want a stupid gravel bike.

Mines better because I mix in some mountain bike tewbs for A E S T H E T I C


Framebuilding stuff-

on topic disc stuff:

Lug stuff:

Stem stuff:


I’ll be bringing this one to Philly- Burrito Mission Demountable:


Looks like my face when I was in HS.

full of metal?

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You should have gone with the metal thing. We’d all have thought you were so much cooler.

@Eric_Estlund where is the other coupler piece?

DT and St/tt junction. Pretty sure there are clear photos in my web gallery.

I guess I’m missing something. I see one point of joinery at the seat tube cluster but I don’t see where else it detaches. Unless I’m not understanding the purpose of the break, is it not a traveling bike? And if not, why the full break at the seat cluster?

DT/BB join

Eric, any reason to do it this way and not use an S&S on the DT or a ritchey coupling? Tube sizes / cost / just because you can do the entire demountable system in house this way?

Ah thank you. Was that in Eric’s initial post (that you can see) because I double checked and it’s not showing in mine. Nü Tarck is still sometimes confusing, especially with the integrated links and photos.

Eric’s system basically looks like an integrated and more robust version of Ritchey’s. I’d prefer Eric’s to Ritchey’s easily.

naw, Eric said it was in the web album, but you had to head to his website to see the gallery.

The DT join is classic :baguette_bread:, I think the ST/TT is a much nicer looking interpretation of the breakaway. I’ve heard talk that the hott combo is breakaway ST/TT and S&S DT for lower weight than S&S but the torque transfer on the DT, but I’m not the effbuilder here.

Yup, my motivation was all of the above. At Bike Friday we did all manner of demountable interpretations, and I wanted to do something with a French feel that was not S&S and solved some design issues with the Ritchey system for my needs (no cast parts, no reliance on the seat post for structural support). I also wanted to limit the visual impact, which seems to have worked!

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