asploded bike parts thread


Sort of something an emergency mechanic should have amirite


I’m pretty surprised that’s not already a standard thing for long ass rides.


I do that, except instead of keeping it in my emergency kit I bolted it to my frame. Also to save on roadside repair time I pre-connected it to my dangler. It’s nice knowing I have a reliable backup ready to go at a moments notice.



My tail light looked like this when I got to work on wednesday:

Then yesterday I found the lens:

What should I get to replace it? Toplite line?


Cantitoe sells the Hermanns version of that light but it’s backordered. But they do have the the Trelock LS813 and Hermanns H-Trace in stock, both for $15.


Rudy, you should have your own thread for shit you wreck. Would subscribe.


It looks so safe in that position. Did it come unglued like the Philips would?


Toplight Line is a badass taillight shartmo, just get it



I think that the lens popped off because the fender was contacting it and bopping against it every time I hit a bump, so I think I’ll get the thinnest rack mounted light with 50mm holes that I can find.


Just don’t get the toplight mini. It’s just one little dot of an led, bright and better than nothing, but not as good as the other ones



I have a toplight “brake line plus”, and the standlight doesn’t work. Apparently it’s a known issue.

The regular toplight line has been solid.