Atlanta tarckbros

Dudes in Hotlanta:

A good friend and fellow cyclist is moving to your neck of the woods. He is a family and sports medicine guy by trade. He has been a mainstay in the cycling community and has promoted the local tuesday night crit series and dedicated a ton of time to growing cyclocross here too. He usually has some sort of a hook up through some proteam trading medical support for gear so he’s not a big spender in bike shops but he does not flaunt that or waste your time.

I want to make sure he has a good contact down there when he moves next month and I can’t remember who works where down there anymore.

Perks of knowing him have included getting awesome (and often free) medical care for myself and shop employees. He’s stitched up more than a few of us at home and even diagnosed a nasty infection from a puncture wound in my wife’s foot after he told us to come by at 9pm on a Sunday night interrupting his Belgian beer and Led Zeppelin video sesh.

You get the point.


Does he race CX in costume? I think there may be a position on ATLX opening up for him…

Muse, we could never replace you.

Braden, what size bee costume does he wear?

EJ is prolly the most active in the shop/racing scene among the tarckers here.

p.s. Braden, spent some time hanging with Stratton here in Roanoke this weekend. Apparently you don’t talk about tarck enough because he had no idea you were even on here.

1st rule of tarckbike is don’t talk about tarckbike.

Also is EJ working at peachtree still? Is that even the shop he was at? I wasn’t paying attention.

sort of and yes.

I’d love to help in any way I can.

My connects fall outside of cycling - but I’m pretty good on local knowledge (real estate, restaurants, good doctors/lawyers/florists etc.

Have him email or call anytime
404-210-nine eigh eight six