Attn: Bexley

Replace your stolen Gazelle:

holy crap that is beautiful

Buy my LeMond first.

lul, I posted it in the heads up thread.


That’s so close. My brain is trying to figure out a way that it could be mine, all 5-year-old like “I lost my ball and you have one so it rightfully belongs to me.”

(If it sells at that price I’m gonna KEEEEL someone.)

what’s reynolds 525?

one of my all-time favorite paint schemes for a bike

looks like a double butted tubeset in standard sizing (25.4mm/28.6mm).

oh man that thing’s cool. Is the story of yours getting stolen up here somewhere, Bex?

i was trying to get my cousin to buy it and throw on his superrecord 11, so it doesn’t get lost to the tarck community forever but, no luck. lol that thing is hot.

looks like a double butted tubeset in standard sizing (25.4mm/28.6mm).[/quote]
so not $1000

Oh god Cy… new sig is amazingest!

Yea. The story is: it got stolen.


looks like a double butted tubeset in standard sizing (25.4mm/28.6mm).[/quote]
so not $1000[/quote]

well i wouldn’t pay $1000 for it no matter what tubeset it was built with.

Didn’t it get stolen out of your apartment while you were out of town?

Yep, locked in the underground parking. I had actually sold the bike for $850 (yea, not a great price, but I had paid $400) and was gonna ship it out in a week’s time, once the BJ was rideable. I came back from the country and literally dropped down to my knees as I saw the empty space where the bike used to be.

Turns out the hash dealers to whom I give plenty of business have access to most buildings in the area. After trying to tell one of them how to get out of the parking I got a reply like “oh yea, we know; we’ve got all the codes.”

Most are decent guys and know their business is not the same as being a career criminal. It took a couple months for it to get stolen even though they apparently had the opportunity every day. Heh, I’m almost starting to defend them.

I just wonder why they don’t take the fucking cars instead.

You locked your bike up in a public parking garage for two months and were surprised that it was stolen?
I won’t lock up in a public place over night let alone for an extended period.

I think it is/was a private garage for his building with “controlled” access.

Yep. 15 cars down there, tops.

That shit woulda been in my apartment.