Attn: Huge Headed Tarckists

I posted about this already in the tarckcap group buy thread, this is just in case you aren’t reading it. Swrve UK has just generously posted me a cotton cap to try on on your behalf. I live in Edinburgh and take a 7 5/8 hat. I will report back on the fit as soon as I can.

My 'ed is big.

cool. i need it to fit over my dreads

and it fits great right?

I think I’ve posted this before but damn you I want to live in Edinburgh. My whole family want me to move back to Scotland but I’m scared of the weather! Which is kinda funny since I live in Seattle.

I too have a large head and look forward tohearing of the fit.

Hey Scrub

Sorry, I posted followups in the gb tarckcap thread but not here. The hat fit my head and the smallest headed person i could find—one size truly does fit most.

Yeah Edinburgh was the shits in August. I’m from Vancouver BC so I’m somewhat used to it, but not to the point where you wear a sweater every day in in the middle of summer. Still i really like it here.

Still i really like it here.[/quote]

What’s not to like, any city that you navigate by proximity to a castle is top in my book!

I’m from Aberdeen and my mum calls with gems like “It was nice out today, I only had to wear a light jacket!”