Backyard bmx dirt track

Havent posted in a while I know. My roommate, our friend, and I built this in my backyard in the past few weeks. Sadly it’s been raining almost non-stop since construction so only a couple of runs have happened. Almost all bmx and dirt jump people in the area have heard of it by now. The track start out the back door of the house down a wooden ramp. Up the left side with 2 rollers, a ‘berm’ which is really a spine leading into a hip, followed by another roller then a jump. In the planning is another berm at the end of the jump to make a loop or you can just roll back up into the house.

this shot is from the roof. The track starts from the bottom center and goes up the left side into the first two rollers, then into the berm. out of the berm into the last roller and into the jump.

showing the last pump (now taken out to give a crank rotation into the berm), the berm, and the roller before the jump.

this is from the other side, showing the jump on the left, the first roller on the right and in the distance the ramp out of the house

another shot from the other side of the course.

one final shot of the whole track, in all it’s tiny glory

and I have a climbing wall in my house but we just had it bombed by a graf artist so I cant really show pictures. It goes from the front door down the hallway, into the stairwell and into the second floor, then on the underside of the stairwell and into the living room.


Oh Oregon Hill. My friend’s backyard is going to be a mudpit after tomorrow.

i want to BMX with Straws.
your house seems pretty freakin sweet

that reminds me of a course my friends and i built when i was like 12 in a vacant lot
then they built a house on it.
we were mad

Pretty sweet little track… thought the climbing wall sounds awesome!! Any reinforcement, or just handles in the studs?

Yeah, we had courses in like 3 different vacant feilds throughout my elementary to HS days. Same type of stuff… single track basically. When it got muddy we often added house siding to the path. It folds down into the groove nicely, but doesn’t rut up.
It was EPIC when someone in a house next to the feild got a pool… we gathered 30 bucks for the Bobcat driver to throw the dirt into a rough LARGE double. We packed and shaped it as he dumped it.

We always talked of a simple 3 turn, large berm track in my yard… but mom wouldn’t go for it… even WITH flowers on the backside of the berms :frowning:

i had a jump in my yard once but nothing like that

That’s awesome Brian. Welcome back.

[quote=chevy42083]Pretty sweet little track… thought the climbing wall sounds awesome!! Any reinforcement, or just handles in the studs?

we have 3/4" plywood mounted on the studs and the holds mounted on that. It’s solid as fucking hell. you can dyno up like 4 feet and not feel any flex.

oh, and we found out how to make our own holds and I know a lot about mold making so we’re going to make molds of our faces and then make holds out of them.

uh oh… i can only see venturing into body parts molded holds turning bad.

we’re only going to use them in a small cave underneath the stairs so if they fail it wont be a long fall.

i don’t think chevy was worried about function so much as form :).

sweet track. you need to make an epic vid of runs on it.

Here you go:

So Ill Holds

yeah… I was worried about where the “form” might progress to.

he’s talking about penises

oh…yeah we have a 13 inch black dildo at the house that was an item on a manifest for a scavenger hunt race that ended at our house. So that’s already been talked about. Cutting the dildo down the center and making it a mold.