Badass Aero Helmet

No. You get to be the fat one who everyone is nice too because they feel sorry for him, but then talk shit about him when he’s not around.

this must be his sister…i bet thanksgiving dinner is a riot

japanese people don’t have thanksgiving

actually as far as I know, they don’t eat at all ,

Well… at least I’m included…

Can we talk about the badass bike?


That’s your bike, innit?

It’s okay, you can tell Bandit.[/quote]

busted… yes, i am the skinny asian kid that weals his hermet backwalds.

now, if you’rr excuse me, i’ve got some evir to fight… on my bicycre.



this must be his sister…i bet thanksgiving dinner is a riot[/quote]

This must be the kind of person that does this in a car.

In this dude’s defense, at least he has enough money to be stupid. He could be rocking a conversion with Josh’s wannabe disc (that he wrote “Campaglonolo” on with a sharpie) on a suicide hub wearing a k-mart bell helmet backwards.

But instead of shaming bike co-ops everywhere, there’s some bike shop employee in tokyo laughing their ass off right now.

josh! you got some 'splaining to do!

I would never shame Tulio is such a manner, I will have to talk to my lawyer about this obvious slander!

No. I mean the kid on the conversion wrote it in his disc. Even though josh isn’t Dutret, I’d trust him not to something that stupid.

please don’t sue me. I need beer money for the summer.