Badass bike parts picture thread part deux

I know everyone loves to talk shit on CK, but I bought this thing used and then put ~20000 miles on it in some pretty horrible conditions and it’s still going strong. That’s a badass bike part if you ask me.

Firmly in this camp. Reasonable arguments can be made against the rest of their components, but their headsets are absolutely the best.

I dig em. “king” is also my search term on ebay under framesets and complete bikes to find some of the more interesting/small builder bikes easily.

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Is there another badass bike parts thread?

Anyway, 650x60 matte black Berthold fenders? Yes please!

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I recently broke my Spesh Airnet helmet and my backup that I’ve been wearing since is years out of date so I bought two nice new helmets! The Giro one came today!

Not a bad weight for a size L!
We’ll see how the Bontrager stacks up when it’s delivered tomorrow.

Check it out! This bonty hat is even lighter!