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[quote=cl goon]Super cool BMX - it will make you cool! - $90 (Galt / Elk Grove)
Date: 2009-09-02, 9:12PM PDT
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This super cool, wicked sick BMX is so rad it’s sure to raise your coolness by three full levels! Chicks will notice you, guys will fear you!!! It has all the things the radest of rad riders need and none of the things they don’t! It’s done a grip of wicked sick tricks! I’ve done wheelies on this thing and girls have asked for my autograph! Skids… Well the baddest of brakes are on the rear of this super cool BMX - that’s right, it has Tektro brakes and I once left a skid mark so long in a parking long, everyone was like, “Wow! Those are some sick arse skid marks, bro!” I was like “Yea dude, chicks dig 'em!” The threadless headset is again cool because only the extreme wicked bmx bikes have them and it’s all set for a gyro brake so you can do some gnarley flatland stuff. Again, I once did this so cool tail whip without a front brake, I just flipped the back wheel around and a chick got pregnant by just watching it she thought it was that cool! It has a Haro headset and Haro forks with a Rukkus 14mm front wheel so you can add your favorite foot pegs and do some even sicker tricks! Heck I might even throw some pegs in for free if you are cool enough! The bike has a few scratches but who’s bike is minty clean? Not the cool guys that do the raddest tricks in the world! I’ve even put on some brand new A’Me triangle grips and I haven’t ridden with them because once I start riding, I’m throwin’ some crazy sick tricks that will wear 'em out, so now I’m saving them for you!
Some of the wicked extreme tricks I’ve done include:
Endos: 131
Sick wheelies: 374
Long Skids: 9,873
Bunny hops: 3 (bunny hops are lame but my brother dared me to do them so I did because I’m rad to the raddest level)

So come buy this bike now and you’ll be included in the coolest groups not only in your home town but in all of California! Girls will want to know you and guys will want to be like you! So email me today and come pick this bike up! Then ride it home and feel the coolness ooze out of you in a trail behind this wicked cool bike to the max!

P.S. That last picture is blurry because that front wheel is one crazy wicked sick wheel and it’s so cool that it’s almost impossible to get a good picture of. It’s an Alex Y22 14mm wheel that is sure to hold up to your baddest endo hops you can do!

* Location: Galt / Elk Grove
* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests


I can’t believe I read all that.

Wicked sick!

old Bridgestone city bike - $175

I posted that Dutch bike somewhere the last time it was on CL. That Bridgestone is awesome though.

Pretty dope Ibis tan-dumb


Someone make ol’ Stevie Mason their profile picture.

Foes Racing Fab LTS Downhill Mountain Bike (circa 1995)

those cranks tho


[quote=that guy]Foes Racing Fab LTS Downhill Mountain Bike (circa 1995)


I rode that fork yesterday. And those skewers. Craigslist owes me money?

Wait. How are you still alive???

I don’t afraid of nothing? Also, those forks aren’t scary, they’re just not very good at being suspension.

Pedal backward, go forward! - $225

Retro direct two speed

Ken Bird Racing Tandem

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