Badass or Otherwise Totally Obvious Bike Parts Thread

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that’s easier than buying arundel cages and drilling the tabs out.

Also: Otherwise Totally Obvious Bike Parts :ok_hand:

Fuck. How is this new? I mean I can’t claim I had the idea long ago but that should have been around for years now.

yeah, why haven’t they always just had a super long slot rather than a few holes?

I’ve seen cheap no-name alloy cages with two sets of holes before. Only on cheap customer bikes in for repair, never new or decent quality.

I really want to see a side loader with the same mounting.

This ^

My new Lezyne Flow side loaders have slots but probably not quite as much as that King Cage.

most nice Arundel cages have two sets of holes ~1cm apart

and one in each pair is slightly slotted to accommodate fucked up spacing

Not sure if this qualifies as ‘nice’, but it fits multiple mounting holes.

Two more sets of holes and I’d buy another one.