Bag Hygiene

So I’ve been riding all summer with my seagull bag, and now, well it smells like it’s got gang green. Does anyone have suggestions as far as cleaning it? can I wash the thing? or just spray it with something? I emailed Seagull but they are non responsive and this situation is not tolerable.

wash with vinegar. sounds gross, but it kills the stink bacteria. then wash with regular detergent.

so I should be able to throw the whole thing in the washer?

yeah. i do with my bags. just take off anything that’s removable.

or you could hand wash it in a basin or tub of you’re insane.

embrace the stank. love the stank.


is that a douche?

[quote=“doofo”]i once lovingly hand washed a bag

only to sell it to a jerk that throws his bags in a washing machine[/quote]

trust me, this bag gets hand washed if it ever needs it. the other lesser bags are relegated to the machine. only superior forms of baggage get the handjob. :bear:

I carried a boat load of cilantro and onions loose in my bag the other day.

We now have a problem.

I guess I’ll give it a soak in some vinegar water, and then hit it with some soapy water and then use the 15º tip on the pressure washer from a distance.

probably mold
i had some mold growing in my bag because of an exploded beer

i spilled all kinds of beer in my chrome bag when i had it.
the shoulder pad on that thing got so damn stinky too.
i washed it in the washing machine with some bleach thrown in there. it came out smelling nice and sterile just like bleach. then it stunk again after a few weeks. well just that should pad thing did.

my reload bag doesn’t stink yet.
doesn’t pee have alot of cleansing properties? just pee all over you bag and let it soak in.

I’ve had beer and wine spill in my bag a few times.
Once I crashed on my way home from thanksgiving with the fambly and wound up with a bag full of loose cranberry sauce, cherry pie, mashed potatoes, green beans and veggi stuffing. It was a fucked up situation.

i have to wash my reload bag about once a month
usually i just throw it in the washer with some detergent, bleach and oxyclean
once i washed it with the hose and some lysol
once with the hose and some simple green…that stuff stinks

the summers in texas are hot my bag hates it here

i washed my chrome in the bathtub. if it’s rank, a thread search on bf says the general concensus is vinegar soak then detergent wash.

i didn’t vinegar but for detergent wash i just got a bucket of water and put some tide in it, threw the bag in the tub, rinsed the bag, scrubbed it with my tide/water bucket solution, rinse, and let it dry on the fence in the backyard. made it look brand new and it smelled like laundry.

timbuk2’s tags say wash the bag like you wash your dog, so i did that except with tide instead of dog shampoo.

I washed my bag a couple weeks and I left it out until just after dark. When I went out to get it, it had earwigs all over it. And yea, just wash it sort of like you wash a dog, with a hose and a whole crapload of soap.

I use oxyclean, it kills the stench well.


i’m trading bags with a friend.

my bag is sweaty and covered in salt.

My one smells like bong water :frowning: