barspinazz with drops?

so i really like my combination of deep drop stem+deep drop track drops

but i also really like doing barspinnaz

can i make this combo work?

i’ve been thinking about buying a longer fork/custom fork so i can raise the stem/bars to the level where i can get them to spin clear of the tt

or i’ve also considered a custom frame with a super long headtube to remedy this difficulty i have

Get a pursuit frame and a fork with a loooong steerer. Then add A LOT of spacers. Pics when you’re done.

^ wouldn’t the downward sloping tt make it way harder for the bars to clear the tt?

bum bars

Make sure you raise your stem well below the minimum insertion line. All the cool kids are doing it.

Shit, I dunno.
I was guessing if you raise the bars way up with a long steer tube. Then you’d be left with a way slack angles, but a normal saddle to bar height.


+1. i hope it’s a joke.

I want to believe this is not a troll, because it would be hilarious.

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the tarckopalypse is nigh.

extremely fucking nigh.

get a women’s frame

i was going to suggest a mixte frame, but is the top tube really necessary?

I’m going to suggest you get a pair of rollerblades because I do believe this is grounds for expulsion from the cyclists caste.

then you can skate with me!!!

They make adapters and extra long stems for the old folks. I’m sure even IRO Kid could afford something like that for their joke bike.

oh. oh. ive got you covered:


Can we just end this thread with 18 pages of fail jpegs?

i started learning wheelies so i raised my jaguar up to see if i could barspin with flat bars. the jaguar is too steep

really though that’s for the best