Bay Area- Burley tandem project FS

My health issues are going to limit my ability to do the restoration I was planning for this bike, so looking to see if any local folks want to take a crack at it. Looking for the same $100 I put in to it.
Captain is 22" square. Stoker 20" CtT seat tube.

I stripped the parts but I still have everything to make it into a functional bike again. Needs cables and housing. It’s a really old Burley. It has some kind of home brewed EBB and press in BB bearings but they are smooth enough that you won’t need to fuck with replacing them right away. 27” wheels with a drum brake. The Canti posts seem to work with 700c rims as well. It seems to be a largeish frame. I’m 5’10” and could captain it fine.

Aerojokes are sold.

It was a total rust bucket when I got it but everything seems sound. I was able to ride it around a little bit before I stripped parts.