Bay Area: roof rack setup, AT/Downhill ski gear


1. Roof Rack

I finally pulled the roof rack off my outback after realizing the cost to fuel economy was probably not worth the slight uptick in being able to pick my car out of the parking lot more easily as the one with way too many bike racks on its roof. Could anyone in/around Bay Area use a rack setup? It would technically be possible to ship it, but I have to imagine it would be prohibitively expensive.

  • 58” Yakima round crossbars, fairing, and extra end caps
  • 4x Yakimar railgrab towers (work with at least a 2011 outback)
  • 5x Yakima sprocket rocket fork mount bike racks
  • 5x Thule front wheel holders
  • one 15mm TA converter
  • matching lock cores in all the bike racks, plus a few extras (1-3 maybe in my garage somewhere?)

Retail was $1500, I paid probably $800, would sell everything to a bay area tarcker for $400 obo? Would also trade for subaru maintenance or help redoing the plumbing on my garage utility sink/drywall

2. Praxis GPO 187 Ultralight skis + Beast 14 AT bindings + skins

Praxis 187cm GPO in ultralight tour layup in the #4 medium/stiff flex. 8.6 pounds flat, 140-116-128. Inserted for one set of heel holes and two toe mounts (one for 330 BSL at center and another for 311 BSL at -5mm). Current holes would cover the 310-340 BSL range (mondo 27-29 probably). Beast 14 bindings (12 days) and G3 alpinist skins (6 days on them) included. Tuned last year but have a little bit of rust on the edges from me storing them poorly. Under 10 total days, minimal base repair. Oh also they have my favorite topsheet

$650 + shipping obo for skis/bindings/skins? I can also add a beacon + probe if you’re looking at getting into backcountry stuff (but for real take an avy class first)

2. Praxis Piste Jib 184 Carbon layup + STH2 WTR 13 bindings

Ordered these after talking with Keith at Praxis in 2013 to be my first pair of skis, used to fill the role of a jibby daily driver for Tahoe. They have a surprisingly long effective edge for something so jibby. Mounted with Salomon WTR2 STH13 bindings at recommended for 326BSL. Edges were pretty rusted but edges were cleaned/reset to 1*/1* recently. Have had more base repair done and could probably use a grind. Maybe 20 days total?

$280+ shipping?


If you can’t sell locally, I’d be interested in a pair each of front wheel holders and Sprocket Rocket trays.


Damn, If I were in the bay I’d pop over to help you with that plumbing!