Be Kind to the Be-Hind aka #saddlechat

nütarck #saddlechat

I currently have a Pro Falcon which was recommended to me buy a largely incompetent bikefitbro TC I was hustled).

My complaints

  • Riding in regular clothes isn’t comfortable
  • I move around quite a bit on the saddle
  • In some of the positions up and down the saddle my sitbones hit right on a hard edge
  • On long rides (>=200k) I just end up really sore, almost bruised. No saddle sores, just painful to sit

Few details:

  • No one would consider me “flexible”
  • I have ~1.5-2cm drop saddle to bars
  • I ride in both diapers (long rides) and regular clothes (commute + yolo)
  • My sitbones are ~13cm apart

I have no idea how to go about selecting a saddle that fits me better.

My thought was a little more rounded shape across the saddle may eliminate the relieve some of the sitbone pain, and maybe a little bit of a shape / scoop up in the rear may keep me from moving forward-back?

Any ideas or recommendations?

Select a C17, make sure it’s slid forward a bit further than you think it should be and nosed up like 2.5 degrees.

Not the first time I’ve told this story, but I was a first-ride convert to the C17: I had a Scoop that was not working for me, so I bought a C17, installed it, rode it around the block to get an initial fit, and the next morning rode a 200k on it. It felt great. Not a lot of saddles can do that.

the all weather one with the cutout is pretty great in particular.

The expensive (and non-vegan) choice: Berthoud Aspin.
A cheaper but probably as good choice: C17 weatherproof (the older cotton-topped cambiums aren’t as comfortable as the all-weather ones. Maybe the fabric is a bit sticker?)

Both of those appear to keep their value pretty well, so it’s less of a complete waste to flip them if they don’t survive the butt test.

Is this the guy you both mention?

Both my primary riding buddys have Berthoud Aspin saddles (one with cutout one without). Both seem pretty stiff though, like knocking on wood. Think a shop down the street is a Berthoud dealer…maybe they have a tester.

All saddles are basically Brooks with different geometry


How wide is the saddle @dotmr?

Yes, but not the cutout version.

Berthoud saddles are pretty solid, but they are hammocked saddles so they have more give under a rider’s weight than you might think. The last Berthoud I got was a Marie Blanque (the woman’s version of the Aspin) and it’s perfectly comfortable on the machine it’s on (my gravel®©™ bike, which is running Horizons and only has 6-8cm of saddle to bar drop.)

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They are pretty stiff, but I find my Aspin very comfortable. They also deform under your weight more than you might expect. I would try your friends if you’re interested in them.

DQ: what makes the “all weather” Cambiums any more weatherproof than the reg ones? I thought that was the initial motivation for cambiums


They’re made with nylon fabric or have pitch spread on them or some goddamn thing who knows. The all weather feels a little smoother and is a little easier to scoot around on than the original model

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I have the 132 version

Have any of you tried an infinity saddle

Oh for christ’s sake.

I’m not sure about butt measuring protocols, but my ass is 155 using the specialized scale, but it loves a b-17. I reckon try something a bit wider?

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My bum likes toupe 143 but I’m trying narrower

I still like my selle anatomica but the damn tensioning bolt never stays put, and can’t imagine anyone heavier than my 150lb not just completely breaking it

According to Big S bum-bone-test I “should” ride something in the range of 148ish.

I’m a bit weary to swap out all of my highly loved -93 Flite’s but I’m kinda wanting to try out either a Fabric Scoop of some kind or Big S’s “Power”-model. Any one have any experience with either one?

i fuck with SMP saddles ask me anything

I tried both. Fabric hurt my nether regions. Power was too short.

I might try the fabric flat (shallow?) A shot

In the “wide flat pear-shaped saddle with a big cutout” category, also look at Ergon SM Women. It was recommended to me a a less expensive Power, and I’m really digging it.

I love the fabric scoop saddles.
Started with one that came on my cdale fat bike, and I could put in 50-84mile rides in on it and was feeling good. I have since put them on all my mtbs. It was helpful that they used to have more colors to choose from.
Then I won a Fabric contest and was sent the fancy carbon flat version, so that is on the h/g. (For reference, I previously was all about dat fizik arione lyfe on road bikes beforehand, and still have one on the coffeegrinderbike).

Some folx at the shop rave about the power saddle, but at this point I am not so inclined to switch. Maybe I will see if have a demo saddle.