Best Day Ever. (AKA free shit galore)

So, today I was heading about a half hour away to Yakima to see a friends band play on their first day out on tour. Last minute I decide to scope craigslist to see if there were any sweet deals I could snag, hopes certainly not high. I found that the only posting for the day was an ad for “bike stuff” and included the items “race wheels” and some other random stuff, and said to "come check it out.
I figured, why not stop by? See if I can score some gear on the cheap as I’m going to be there anyways, so I got directions and headed over before the show.
I get to the address, and pull into the driveway, and walk up to the front door. A polite lady answered the door and I inquired about the bike stuff in the craigslist ad. “Oh great, you’re the first one to show up!” was her response. She lead me down the stairs. As we were going, she nonchalantly mentioned “we crashed the tandem, so the fork needs to be replaced and you will have to order a new derailluer hanger if you want it, but the frame is still perfect, we had it checked out”
We got down and I see a stack of stuff, and she says “you can take as much or as little as you would like”
I asked how much she wanted for it, and her response is “nothing, let me go get my husband, he can tell you a little more about it”
Husband comes out, chats a bit, asks what I’m into and stuff, tells me a little about the stuff.
As I walk over to inspect, I find a gorgeous CoMotion tandem frame, as well as a stack of rims and wheels. I loaded it all in my car and made off with it.
Total haul came in to:
CoMotion Robusta tandem frame
2 tubular rims with the only marking being “Aspin”
A 650 campy tubular rim
A set of campy road hubs w/ 7 speed laced to Mavic GP-4’s
A Mavid T217
A Mavic Clincher, unmarked as far as I can tell
An Araya Aero 1 World Champion laced to a Suzue Japan track hub.

I would be interested in taking that Campy 650c rim off your hands. For my Tommasini TT bike, not teh barspinz.


PM me, also, it’s a sew up if it matters and might not have a braking surface…I’ll look closer.


Just looked up comotion tandems (didnt know much about em) Looks to be about 8500 to buy a built up version of the one I snagged.
Gunna go get it checked out on monday at the bike shop, I’d really be stoked if the wound up fork wasnt fucked and I could keep it on.

Wow if you wanted a tandem anyway then you are one lucky bastard.

I was really interested in like, an old schwinn tandem, but yeah, basically a lucky bastard.

dude, 650 on the tandem for tandem barspinz.

You couldn’t find a better tandem without getting it custom. As for the fork, good luck, but if it doesn’t work out, don’t put another wound up on there. It doesn’t seem right for this bike. That tandem seems like a money burden but hold onto it. I would kill for a good tandem, my cousin and his wife did the pacific coast tour on one. They called it a “relationship accelerator.”

For free?!

you lucky fucker. must have some good karma.


Can anyone feed me some info on any of those rims?
I dont really know much about em.

nice score

I got a brand new Giro Ionos for free today :bear:

PS those 7sp road wheels are noice. Good find.

[quote=“frankstoneline”]Can anyone feed me some info on any of those rims?
I dont really know much about em.[/quote]

You should just give me those Mavic GP-4’s because they are just awful and you will have no use for them.

I might be interested in buying or trading you for those GP4s. I loooooove GP4s.

Lucky bastard

I was really interested in like, an old schwinn tandem, but yeah, basically a lucky bastard.[/quote]

I’ll trade you for my old schwinn tandem…