Best (warmest) Winter Tights?

The tights I have are not cutting it in these temperatures (generally 20-30F for training rides). They prevent me from getting cold, but they don’t keep me warm. I need something to keep me warm.

What do you use? How do you like them? What do you recommend?

these work well:

My Endura tights have never failed. And at $60, they better not ever.

I lovelovelove my endura jacket. (though my two pairs of endura gloves? not so much)

Which model tights? ... prod_id=67

No other suggestions? The rest of you guys don’t ride in the cold?

I’ve had two pairs of Pearl izumi Amfib tights. Theyre pretty warm and I believe water resistant as well but are like 90bux I think.

i love Pearl Izumi shit

[quote=“zombie”]i love Pearl Izumi shit[/quote]I’ve liked everything I have owned too(which hasn’t been much.) I like the tights and also a pair of gloves I recently bought seem to be working out well.

Pearl Izumi is good stuff. I have the Cyclone gloves, not super warm though, at all. Excellent gel padding though.

I just ordered a set of lobster gloves because my split finger ones weren’t working too well below 28 or so. These really aren’t any better. After tights (which my mother has offered to get me as a holiday gift) gloves may have to be my next purchase.

I have these too, and they’re awesome. I got mine for $20 (slightly used) though.
I also have some old wool ones (brand unknown - got them used) which are not water resistant but are otherwise great if it’s dry. If it’s not, it’s like wearing a wet towel.

Try some glove liners before giving up, if they’re not super tight on you - makes a big difference when it gets ultra cold. i have some Pearl Izumi ones which are thin and dainty but very warm.

It was 70 here today. :colbert:

i just buy whatever decent&cheap active tights tj maxx has. i haven’t noticed enough of a difference to spend the crazy amount of money that cycling specific tights go for.

Lycra tends to only rip when in a crash and generally last a long time. The cheap cotton tights, while they work at keeping you warm, do not last.

I’ve had my Enduras since late March. Perfect condition minus a small hole at the knee from a being-stupid-in-the-rain crash.

No tights here, but I wear Duofold merino thermal bottoms, merino socks, and Swobo Bruno wool knickers with great results.

Don’t know if they’re considered tights, but I’ve been using a Smartwool midweight baselayer for the past few months that have seen me through 20-30 degree rides…

if you would stop wiping your ass with those extra $100 bills id say get a pair of pearl gavia bib tights… sweet sassy molassey. warm and dry! and the pearl chamois id d-luxe! heaven for long cold commutes and training rides. gavia material is from the future

Nike windfront tights over bikeshorts down to about 25 degrees. Below
25 degrees I wear some non windfront tights and bikeshorts under the
windfront tights.