Best way to travel with bike?

going to europe in a few weeks
what’s the best way to bring my bike?
(no s+s couplers, either taking tarck bike or BMX)
not tryin to spend a lot of $$$

bmx would be cheaper, you could probably get it in a small enough box to not get the oversized box fee

interested in thread though, coz studying abroad next spring and want to bring bike

check with the airline before you buy the ticket
some charge $50 for a bike some charge 150+, be sure the person you are talking to know what they are talking about.
I know there are some really out of date charts online. most regulation has changed since they were made.

Waterproof messenger bag.

Most airlines now charge at least $150 if they know it is a bike. Delta charges $300 one-way for international. If you ride a small enough frame, take the fork off and you may be able to pack it in two boxes (wheels in one, frame/fork in the other) that are under the standard size for checked bags. Pack your clothes around the bike but do so in a way that makes it easy for TSA people to inspect it. They probably will open at least one of them. If you can, put your clothes in garbage bags so they don’t all fall out when they open the box.

If anyone asks, tell them it is exercise equipment or bike parts. Avoid telling them it is a complete bike if you can but don’t lie outright. For some reason, if they know it is a bike they will charge you for a bike even if it is under the size limit.

Hmmm, why would this be?

plane companies are trying to get money in any way they can

So… potentially $300+ RT to bring your bike… sounds like you should have a sweet Kilo TT delivered to your destination instead, then sell when you leave?

Perhaps see if you can find a big bag for hockey equipment. My buddy went traveling for quite awhile and was able to fit his BMX into one of those (think it had a ccm logo, or something like that). Bonus point: the airline check in people always just assumed it was hockey equipment and didn’t charge him for oversized luggage, since the airline he was using (Air Tran) didn’t charge for checking “sporting equipment” (which I guess hockey equipment is, but bikes aren’t :colbert:). Possibly worth a shot, but ymmv since it’s summer and all.

Supposing the Kilo could be delivered in a timely enough fashion, this would be a silly and awesome idea.

would be so awesome.
def considering

Used to bring my bmx bike in a military duffle bag surrounded by clothes.

I’ve flown with a Thule flight case before. Cost $150 one way and I think 100 euro the way back.

Certainly expensive, might be worth seeing if you could “rent” one from someone where you’re going.