Bianchi Trofeo?

hey, looking for a replacement for my trusty steed (1977 schwinn letour).
found this on ebay, thought maybe I’d ask what people thought of it. ... 0240660028

any opinions? would it be foolish to drop up to 800 on it?

Looks nice, early brifters though.

For $800 you could do something really nice off jenson / performance / BD. ... ra+07.aspx ... ke+07.aspx

You can do better on Ebay, if you’re patient. Also, I wouldn’t buy a Bianchi because I find the market overvalues them. I recently got this: … 0268971025

edit: jaques posted.
wow, alright, yeah, probably going to keep looking haha

Why? I have no idea.


Ya. People get stupid about celeste Bianchis.

^ Try looking for a Gios or a Rossin. Some of the nicer Italian bikes at a fraction of the price of some of the bigger names.

Edit: was answering Frank but was beaten to it

Anyone know of any other makers who are undervalued?


Holy shit: … dZViewItem

Someone please buy this.

^^wish i could :confused:

[quote=“JACQUES”]Holy shit: … dZViewItem

Someone please buy this.[/quote]

holy shit i want that so bad. i can make it fit me, right?

This would make for a sweet build.

One apostrophe completely changes the meaning of that bike:


that faggin is gorgeous.
christ, dont tempt me.

I was about to say this.

You’re going to pay a huge premium for a celeste-colored bike.

i am not mature enough to own a bike made by “faggin”

That Gios is everything i want in a road bike except not a 52.

good score on that one dude.

I had a Trofeo back in highschool of about the same vintage. Great frame but meh parts (Campy Mirage)… I think they were near that price new so I think you could do better for the money.

[quote=“death is certain”]That Gios is everything i want in a road bike except not a 52.

good score on that one dude.[/quote]

It’s a bit on the small side for me, especially with the short TT. Price was too good to pass up. I guess I’m gonna need a long seat post and stem.