Bicycle Polo...

has pretty much taken over my life. It’s all I can think about. Has this happened to any one else?

Bike polo took over my life from the first time that I played. Since then it has been one huge blur of daily bike polo with intermissions of daily bike polo day dreaming. It was bad enough (read: awesome) already, then along came out of town tournaments. The guys that I regularly play with have a pretty strict schedule of daily into the nightly bike polo followed by dinner followed by destroying things in my house hitting polo balls, bottle caps, bottles, whatever is laying around.

Shuffle Shuffle Shuffle see you in Chicago.

Where is Richmond? Can I come?

I’m obsessed with the idea of polo, but I was too hungover to make my debut this week because my brother made a surprise appearance and fed me way too much home-made Croatian plum brandy that smelled like gasoline. But I do have a polo bike, and Scott supposedly made me a mallet to use, so NEXT monday should be it.

Richmond is in Virginia. We are coming up to Chicago to for the Nacccs.

…and Virginia is close to here! Isn’t it?

ps. I just had an idea for a new thread.

I am pretty obsessed with it. I started playing this spring and have got a bike for it and so far built 4 mallets. I have also taken for this week the ceremonial right of holding onto the cones until monday. I was honored.

I suck at polo but it is fun and Im getting alittle better. I just need to find a frame to finish up my polo bike.

Fuck flights are costly to Richmond from Edmonton.

Oh and VT have you seen/tried a Joust? I’ve been getting very close to buying one soon, I just need to nail down what size I need to get.

I’ve seen a couple of 'em. Never ridden one. Two people in richmond have them and really like them.