Bieks as Art

I love to see dead parts/bieks recycled into creative, beautiful, and useful things again. Let’s see it:


Pieplate disco ball:

Ft Der chicken:

Cog winerack:

I dig the clavicle rooster.

Sounds like a spaghetti western character: Rooster Clavicle.

Oh, and thanks for sharing, Adolf.

My friend has this in his kitchen.

I think I’ll make one for my house.

Ich heisse Wilhelm, nicht Adolf.

Bis bald

You want me to sell that Sawyer to you eventually or not? :colbert:

You want me to sell that Sawyer to you eventually or not? :colbert:[/quote]

Sure, be a bike nazi

[quote=Trike]Ich heisse Wilhelm, nicht Adolf.

Bis bald[/quote]

Ein anderer deutschsprachiger Tarcker?

Nein, ich bien eine Studentin. Ich spreche Deautcsh, aber nicht gut

Kemmer made me some sick bicycle art for Tarck secret Santa a couple years ago.

Sweet homemade awards from a CX race a couple of weeks ago.

Kein Problem, Ich bin auch ein Student. Bist du eine Frau? Student ist der Maskulin und Studentin ist die Feminin.

Also I work at a co-op that has tons of bike junk, I need to make me some biek art!

Haha! No, I am definitely not a woman. Like I said… I don’t speak German very well

Ich habe drei jahre Deutchclasse gelernen. Ich habe alle vergessen.

so i have to write a paper for my duchamp class. apparently no one has ever been able to track down a fork like the one used on his Bicycle Wheel, but i did. i’m working on that right now, i don’t know, but it may be publishable.

rooster is rad

what was so unique to the og duchamp fork?

straight blade, no rake so it could spin to create a sphere. almost all forks made 30 years before it were bent. the bike i found was freakish, but the fork is almost identical.

waiting on Face to post pics of his wedding/cupcake three tier thing.