Big tires on an MA2

Today I scored a pair of NOS Mavic MA2s (for £10 each :bear: :colbert: ). They are 20mm wide, old school box section rims; will i die if I run a 32+mm tire on them?

I’m running a 35c Randonneur on one now.

20 bones each? lucky dog!

You will die. In fact, those rims are very dangerous. PM me and I’ll give an address to send them to, so they can be properly handled.

Aight I will take that as a “no you won’t die” from bonechilling. Thanks.

Yes tepr, I’m really happy to have come across them. All praise to tarckbear the generous.

you will be fine. have you seen the rims that come on modern high end mountain bikes? the rims aren’t any wider than what you have, and people run 2.3+inch tires. same thing with cyclocross - people run road racing wheels with 35c tires. i am using aeroheads with 34/35c tires on my cyclocross bike currently. and my 29er has rims about as wide as yours, with 29x2.3 tires.

Back in the early 90s, I had a set of 26" MA2’s on my mountain bike with tires up to 2.1" wide. No problems at all other than the fit being VERY tight.


Mander, you need an avatar. Allow me to suggest this guy.

Lols. Done!

[quote=“Rusty Piton”]Mander, you need an avatar. Allow me to suggest this guy.

Did you get that photo from me? Because the photographer is a friend of mine and I’ve posted that here before. I wasn’t sure if anyone else was aware of the ironic-Florida-neck-tattoo-guy, outside of my circle of friends.

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