Bike Apps or How to Ruin Your Ride With Data

Clicked as a potential hate-read but I actually think a lot of people need to read this.

I used to ride obsessively and over longer distances than I should have, thinking that it was good for me. If you’re tired then don’t do your ride, the few seconds difference on your loop that your device is gonna let you know about means nothing, and Strava sucks.


is this the computers thread?

i have a review of the wahoo element roam 2, here is the review:

i bought it and at first i didn’t like it, because not garmin.
i rode with it for a couple weeks and now i like it. but i still think garmin has some better features.

but i think i like it better than a garmin?

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I’m #3 on the NYC and Brooklyn leaderboards for Wandrer this month. Apparently I was second for Manhattan last month and could get third this month with about an hour riding. Never really looked at these before but they’re just enough mild competition to keep me out there.