Bike Apps or How to Ruin Your Ride With Data

Clicked as a potential hate-read but I actually think a lot of people need to read this.

I used to ride obsessively and over longer distances than I should have, thinking that it was good for me. If you’re tired then don’t do your ride, the few seconds difference on your loop that your device is gonna let you know about means nothing, and Strava sucks.


is this the computers thread?

i have a review of the wahoo element roam 2, here is the review:

i bought it and at first i didn’t like it, because not garmin.
i rode with it for a couple weeks and now i like it. but i still think garmin has some better features.

but i think i like it better than a garmin?

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I’m #3 on the NYC and Brooklyn leaderboards for Wandrer this month. Apparently I was second for Manhattan last month and could get third this month with about an hour riding. Never really looked at these before but they’re just enough mild competition to keep me out there.

Golden Cheetah 3.6 was finally released back in August. One of the new features is an Equipment field to the Ride metadata. It was added a while back as part of the RC builds, but I only just got around to playing with it.

I was able to make a chart that tracks the hours on ridden each bike. This should be helpful for doing suspension maintenance.


What head unit should I get?

Battery life is a priority, and ease of integration with Strava.

i like my wahoo more than i liked my edge 510 and edge adventure or whatever the recent touring-y model was. both of them now belong to other tarckers and i bought my wahoo from another tarcker.

garmin is nice because it integrates with garmin connect, and it has routing based on other garmin data. it’s also nice to be able to find a taco bell and route to it on the garmin but it was usually annoying enough to need to pull over at which point using my phone to tell the wahoo where to go would be quicker. no touchscreen on the wahoo is both nice and annoying. it’s dead simple but if you want to pan on the map it’s annoying.

i think the hammerhead karoo gets very high marks, it looks awesome. i might have bought that if i didn’t get a tarck deal on the wahoo. i will say the wahoo gets better battery life than my garmin explore did

Garmin Edge® 840 Solar

Solar is a huge selling point and maybe the only thing that would get me to go with Garmin, a company that makes a watch that I have that sucks. Joe from 718 at a meetup said he’d never charged his 1040 since he got it several months prior. Battery was at 53%.

I don’t feel the need for touchscreen or even color, my ideal device is like an e-ink, solar powered, no touch screen device that integrates well with apps and sensors with a battery life that isn’t worth mentioning because it doesn’t die.

till that comes to market get the above

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The solar on my fenix 7 watch gave me basically 40 hours of gps

Like most tarckers, i think your desires a little niche for the market. Personally, I think color si worth it if you use maps. It uses more battery, but if you have solar, or even just the ability to charge while riding, this should cover you.

So far I think Garmin is the only one doing solar stuff and their stuff is mostly touch screen and always in color. It’s a pretty big premium for solar though.

The solar edge 540 says:

  • Battery life with solar charging in direct sunlight (75,000 lux): up to 32 demanding use cases; up to 60 hrs. in battery saver mode
  • Battery life without solar charging: up to 26 hrs. in demanding use cases; up to 42 hrs. in battery saver mode

It’s much better than the spec listed by wahoo on their units. The manual also claims it can charge via solar when the device is off, however, garmin forum users reported that they did not find this worked at all (possibly because just leaving the device in the sun allows it to get too hot and it cuts off battery charging at 113F).

Demanding use cases probably includes just viewing the maps while using a course. Things like that require constant screen updating, which uses a lot of battery.

I have a bit of a passsion project for a mobile app, and I’m seeing if it’s worth building. Here are the problems I have, and how I’d solve them.

I have several bikes, and I want to have a gallery of pictures of them on my phone.
Have a scrollable gallery of my cool bikes.

Each bike has a variety of measurements that I have to dig through a manufacturer websites whenever I do maintenance. Like - max torque on stem, brake/shifter controls, grips, and seatpost collar bolts. Tire and shock pressures. Exact BB to saddle rail distance. I’d like to make those viewable with one click.
Keep all my maintenance measurements in one place.

And, for some of the measurements, like torque, the manuals express them in different values than my tools. For example, PSI vs. BAR on tires. Or lb-ft and Nm on torque. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it means another trip to my computer. I’d like to eliminate that effort.
Enter one value, and display the equivalent values in other formats.

Some additional notes would be good also. For example, for S&S couplers, they recommend a specific brand of grease. I also bring a few spare spokes on tour, so having the details of the brand/type/length of those in one place would be good.
Collect general maintenance and other notes, in the same place.

Adding clickable links for some things, too. Like, directly to the website link of the bike. Or even linking to the user manuals of parts that have more complexity, like the shock. These would be optional, and only for the completionist, but it’d be possible.
Clickable links to more resources for the bike.

I want that information in a fungible format so it isn’t trapped in some dumb app. So, I want to be able to export that info to a text file or email. I’d like to have the option of saving all the info at once, or just for one bike.
Make that information exportable and useful.

I have other ideas for more features and even potential monetization, but these parts of the app have to be useful for anything else to be worth building.

  1. Does this sound like something you’d use?
  2. If it’s not enough, what other feature would make it worth using?
  3. Need or want to see clickable prototypes before you can give a proper answer?

Fit measurements of each bike
Dimensional specs of each bike

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Natural progression of this is integration with data from geometry geeks to find your next new bike


And or frame design in an app

Making a body model using competitive cyclist fit calculator would also be rad

When you say ‘fit measurements’ do you mean reach, stack, stuff like that? Typical bike geo?

i keep meaning to jot down all these details in my notion. bikes and setups and how they work for me and what changes i made when with qualitative assessments. but then i keep not riding bikes so

@akasnowmaaan its nice to see you around here a bit more the past little while!

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Stack and reach would be frame measurements

Fit measurements like saddle height, setback, handlebar position, crank length

And then add shoes and cleat location

This would be used for bike fitters amateurs and otherwise.

The upgrade would use a camera to film your fit and offer recommendations

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Endgame for this is a bike-nerd VR overlay which shows you torque specs and geo angles & whatbars charts of any bike you’re looking at.

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Endgame is a sick bike collection in metaverse