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Oh god.

hat tip to DrWelby. 12mm TA XT dyno at last. does this mean a subcompact crank is next?


Are the XT dynamos any good? I have a budget Shimano on my commuter but would consider an XT if/when my SP fails.

yeah, p nice. the higher end ones are usually light/smooth, definitely more so than the budget shimanos. eg the old 3n80 was a big upgrade. User serviceable bearings too

I look forward to a shimano subcompact (as long as it’s priced lower than the ox)

So IDGI - is there actual evidence for a Shimano subcompact crank, or are we just speculating because they made another oddball part we all wish for?

Nailed it!

Well they did eventually make a road pusher that clears a 34t cassette

clutch no less

Shimano is all in on double, not 1X. It would make sense to make sub compact even if it’s off tier like the initial Di2 hydro levers were.

Is that a 15mm thru dynamo?


I have one left in black, centerlock.

I’ve said it here a thousand times, but getting a 2x subcompact crank out at the OEM level, and then marketing is thoroughly, would probably be the best way for Shimano to fight SRAM 1x. And if they were get around to doing it, they will find that most customers prefer 46/30 to anything else on the market and that 99% of new bike buyers won’t really even notice.


Shimano subcompact and that thru axle dynohub keep bringing me closer to maybe shelling out on a yolobike (do we still call them that??)

literally not true.

Every bike on prolly’s site is a mix of White/Paul and some QBP part

@Eddbread this isn’t the hot takes thread!

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this is tarck, every thread is a hot takes thread


Oh yeah.

i’ll ask my dudes in harley’s aftersales division if this is true. if so, SUPPLIER DISCOUNTS BABY

somehow, they’re gonna make an e-bike that leaks oil

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