Bike Dilemma! Help me out here.

So I have my conversion with cheap v’s and I can sell it off for 350 in order to pay for this thing.

Should I do it? Will I miss my fixed gear that much?
I cannot afford having three bikes. Planning on selling my mountain bike as it is for 250, also planning on buying a long haul trucker.
Advice here people.

tarckbear wants you to have more bikes.

Here’s the thing: I’m moving to sweden in January and will only be able to take one or two bikes. I will probably buy the long haul before I move over, considering it costs 1450 over there. Maybe this bike could be fine for touring.

Tarckbear frowns on your lack faith.

Get a road bike, then get another fixed down the line. Road riding will let you go further, but without the ability to show off your fixed gear skills.

I lean toward packratism and personally have trouble selling off bikes I’ve put time and love into fixing and maintaining and which have gotten me around so well for so long. However, it sounds like with with your upcoming transatlantic move the smart money’s on having as little stuff as posable. I vote to keep the tarck, fuck the GT (unless it has mounts and clearance for racks and fenders), and get the LHT. Sell the tarck just before you leave for europe for a little extra walkin’ (riding?) around money.

I’ve put a total of 310 into my fixed gear, so selling it for 350 will still turn me a profit. I think I will sell it after the halloween alleycat, because by that point it will be too rainy to ride the damn thing.

Get a Travel Check instead of LHT. The money you save on airplane fee’s should offset the extra cost of the frame after a couple of trips.

I’m moving there for at least four years. I don’t think I’ll be flying with it all that often. I’m buying the complete mind you. How much of a difference is there between having the full frame and having it smaller in airplane fees? either way it is going to be one more bag… right?

That GT looks kind of shitty, but the components are nice. Probably worth the price of the bike if they’re in decent working order.

go for the GT. you’ll miss riding fixed for sure, but a road bike is incredibly more versatile.

get the GT, get the LHT, then buy a fixed in euro-land.

I myself am a huge fan of road bikes right now. I would get the GT if I were you. However, would you be cool locking that up around town and whatnot? Think about your day to day activities. Maybe you should just sell all your bikes and get a Segway???

It usually cost around $80 to bring a boxed bike onto a plane. The Travel Check (and other bikes with S&S couplers) can fit into a bag/case that is not oversized and can be checked in at no extra charge.

isn’t the TravelersCheck more than a CrossCheck that’s been retrofitted with couplers?

ok, yeah. this doesn;t make any sense. CC=$410. TC=$1075. S&S Retrofit by Bilenky=$460.
you’re losing $200 with the TC.
even with paint from bilenky, it’s either $75 for a really shitty spraypaint job or 200 for a cool looking fade.

yeah actually, TC not that great of a deal.

if you’re going to move and can’t take all of your bikes, you should probably sell off the conversion and buy the roadie

all surlies just went up in price…check their site…


My preferred airline (SAS) and cheapo airline (RyanAir) charge me 45 bucks for the bike.