bike fighting!!!!! WHAT!?! OKAY!!! YHEHAHAHAAAHHHH!!!1


this could be more epic that oso bikes imo

it’s a tough call

i’d laugh but i’ll start coughing, i have a nasty ass cold, but at least i’m sick and getting out of going to work.


Rear Wheel In The Dick

They’re so badass because they kept summoning the power of Tarckbear by knocking over the blue tarshcans. That and they have those wicked sound effects. Good find.


no they donts!

That’s how we settle disputes at the skatepark


why are there so many people here named jim?

I dont know Jim. I dont know.

Three minutes and 22 seconds of bliss.

1:15 has an awesome noise after the jump



The freestyle tarck dudes need to take some fuckin’ notes and re-create that shit scene for scene with a tarck bike. You hear me, Prolly?

I wish my bike squealed like that when I skid.

Yours doesn’t?