Bike movies as good as unReal?

So I was unReal like once every two months. Are there any other just really well cut edits out there im missing because I’m not cool? I like how well the pacing lines up with the music, the lighting and the camera work etc. not necessarily that they are doing the sickest shit.

For anyone that hasn’t seen unReal you can watch it free on Red Bull tv

dunno if u heard of this one


is To Live and Ride In LA still on netflix

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I should ban you right now swear to god

Sean Martin came to Atlanta to guest host and compete in an alleycat in 2015, I went up to him to say hi and how I knew him from the movie and thought it was really cool in 2011 or whatever. He pretended he couldn’t see me and stared off into space until I walked away.

During the race he got dropped, then got lost, rode in circles for a bit before backtracking to the start to DNF. :man_shrugging:

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So I guess no. Nothing is as good as unReal.

some local pbs stuff about mtbing

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Well how about Revel in the chaos:

Where the trail ends:

This new short with Micayla Gatto is amazing!

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Just bought gamble, haven’t watched yet tho, will let know if any good

Was just about to link the Gamble trailer:

Deathgrip sure as hell qualifies:

Whole revel in the chaos is on red bull tv.

Well damn.

I watched a bunch of sick edits recently. Some favs:

I wonder if he had his phone in his pocket.