Bike Polo

Today jgarcia and I decided to make some mallets and test the waters.
I shall never go back, even with just two guys and some janky ass mallets on a broken up dirty pine needle covered tennis court it was way fun. Tomorrow I think I might give covering up an old front wheel disk style a shot.
I would be into some bike polo discussion, lets hear it!
tips, ideas, stories etc.
ready, go!

Also, I’m curious as to where you all play and what rules you all play by.

check out I’m also new to bike polo and I’m totally hooked.

Boise: We basically use the Axles of Evil rules.
We use cones for goals. The goal is one bike length wide.
Shots only count off the end of the mallet. Anything from the middle part of the mallet is called a “shuffle” and doesn’t count.
You can use the rest of the mallet to handle the ball.
If you “dab” (put your foot down) or drop your mallet you have to ride a full circle before you can come back into play.
Ball has to go through the goal before any part of the bike.
No own goals.

Plug yer bar ends and the ends of your mallet. Not my site, but it has the boise goings on.

Oh yeah 3 on 3 first team to 5 points wins.
Sometimes we have a 15 minute time limit, sometimes we don’t

We play polo on empty basketball courts or tennis courts. We play 2vs2 because thats about the most that can play at once on a single basketball court without it getting to crowded. And then we play games to 5 and then switch teams and rotate people in. Its a lot of fun. We’ve been using u locks to mark the goals but that doesn’t work very well so we really need to get cones.

i think people play in portland. never played though

If anyone wants to get an SF game going I would be interested and could talk tarckbydana into coming along and play. I haven’t played before but I am an experience Bike Jouster.

Polo is great because every city plays a different game. In Atlanta we were the Sledgehammers. We played on old bmx, kids, or mountain bikes. The best part was trying to get all the bikes running again before each session. We played pretty hard because no one was ever worried about damaging their bike.

My bike was an awesome mongoose step through MTB that I set to a 1-1 ratio SS. Getting all the way across the court at full speed was tough but I would kick ass in a short sprint. When the game devolved into ghost riding bikes and throwing mallots at wheels, we knew it was time to quit for the night.

Sweet might have to go find a mallet and check it out.

I might be a cheater though, I don’t drink.

Ok I am definitly going to checkout the game at Deloras Park on Monday.
Youtube proves its purposefully once again.

So I went to the SF hardtop game at Delores Park, they weren’t there.

blah blah blah… I’m a walking cliche.

On a side note, I just got back from our weekly game. Good times. We’re trying to get a team together to play this big tournament in Ottawa at the end of the summer. Anyone hear about it? Apparently the game is pretty violent over there.

we held the espi this year. so much awesome.

everybody should go to nyc this weekend for the memorial day tournament.

also, ottawa is holding the nspi in august.

ESPI’s were super tight!
Ryan, how many DC teams are going up?

TEAM ANDY will be up in New York this weekend!!!

And Thurston, I do not like your rule about dropping a mallet.

Did anyone catch the article on bike polo in this (last?) month’s Outside magazine? I left it at work, but I can scan it whenever I get it back home. I probably won’t ever do it, but I can at least add this on to my list of empty promises.

Yea, they gave the sport 6 months to live. I’d do it if it involves drinking. By the by, it’s criminal to mention this issue without pointing out the stunning female pro surfer on the cover.

Bike Polo always involves drinking.

Yea, they gave the sport 6 months to live. I’d do it if it involves drinking. By the by, it’s criminal to mention this issue without pointing out the stunning female pro surfer on the cover.


Unfortunately, she’s a surfer.

I also liked the fact that they photographed a dude playing bike polo with a Pista Concept. I haven’t ever played, but I can imagine that I’d be riding a $3 shitfest of a bike so I wouldn’t ruin my aluminum baby.

[quote=“Zombie Carl”][/quote]

thanks for the link. im gonna check out the rock ridge game after finals this week :bear: